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Exclusive! The New Age Genocide: How the Globalist’s ‘Sustainability’ Mantra Mirrors the Nazi Blueprint for Mass Extermination!

The history of the world is fraught with nefarious agendas hidden behind veils of propaganda and lies. The sinister moves of the early Nazis, masked as saviors of Germany, serve as a chilling reminder of how dangerous propaganda can be. Today, in a time of unprecedented technological advancement and global communication, there seems to be an eerie parallel unfolding right before our eyes with the rise of the Globalist Fascists.

When you dive deep into the annals of history, you’ll find that the Nazis didn’t blatantly announce their plans for mass extermination. Instead, they wove a narrative of being the rescuers of Germany, gradually building up the illusion of a so-called “Master Race.” Through strategic communications, they fostered division, placing the ‘pure-blooded‘ Germans on one side and the ‘disease-spreading‘ Jews on the other. The demonization was so intense that it made the subsequent horrors of ghettoization and concentration camps seem justified to many.

Let’s pause for a moment and consider the term “The Final Solution.” While it sounds harmless on the surface, those within the Nazi regime knew its dark implications. Fast forward to today, and we see the Globalist Fascists coining terms like “Sustainability.” But what does it truly signify? From the whispers in the corridors of power, it seems to hint at a drastic population reduction to a number the Fascists deem ‘sustainable.‘ When decoded, it means the eradication of billions not part of their elite club. One can’t help but draw parallels to the chilling “Final Solution” of yesteryears.

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This new breed of power players, the Globalist Fascists, are branding themselves as the “Elite.” Perhaps the term “Master Race” was too archaic, or maybe it was just too obvious. Their rallying cry revolves around “Saving the world from climate change.” But isn’t it curious how this phrase conveniently justifies any and all actions, much like the Nazi mantra of “For the Greater Good“?

History has shown us that propaganda can be a powerful tool to manipulate the masses. The Nazis’ Aktion T4 program, initiated in 1939, was a systematic campaign that culminated in the mass murder of those with disabilities and mental conditions. Cloaked under the guise of maintaining the purity of the “Master Race,” this program saw 23 doctors, as revealed by the Nuremberg Trials, take countless lives. Astonishingly, almost half of all German doctors in the 1930s were card-carrying members of the Nazi Party. This unsettling statistic raises alarming questions about the role of professionals in facilitating mass exterminations.

Fast-forward to the present day, and we find certain countries implementing eerily similar programs. For instance, Canada, under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, seems to be echoing the Aktion T4 with its euthanasia initiatives. The whispers of “15-minute cities” also seem to be gaining traction, a concept that restricts and controls movement, all while being justified by climate change and the elusive “greater good.” These urban plans mirror the confines of Nazi Ghettos, making one wonder: are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of our past?

The Globalist Fascists, however, are not blind to the advancements of the modern world. They recognize that in this age of instant communication, setting up blatant extermination camps would be too conspicuous. Their methods, therefore, might be more subtle, more insidious.

Beware: The Shadows of History Loom Large

The year was 1920. The place: the Hofbräuhaus Beerhall in Munich, Germany. A man named Adolf Hitler presented what he termed the “Nazi Party Platform.” This was not just any ordinary political manifesto; it was a blueprint for an ambitious vision that would later plunge the world into chaos.

It’s not the overt mentions of “common good” that should send shivers down your spine, but the subtle undertones of control, the immediate drift towards muzzling voices. Every regime that ever sought to control its populace, to perpetrate unspeakable horrors, began by silencing the masses. When voices are stifled, darkness prevails, unchecked and unhindered.

Reading through this platform, you’ll find an eerie focus on the “us versus them” mentality. The divide, the segregation, the sheer audacity to claim supremacy—these are not just words on paper. These are harbingers of impending doom, precursors to unspeakable atrocities.

The platform demanded the union of all Germans, a move that might seem like a rallying cry for unity but was, in essence, a clarion call for exclusion. The terms dictated revocation of peace treaties and sought land and territory under the guise of feeding the German populace.

But here’s the kicker: Only those of “German blood” were deemed fit to be citizens. This meant exclusion, and worse, for Jews and non-citizens. The right to vote, to have a say in the governance of one’s land, was reserved for this select group.

The platform further demanded the ejection of non-Germans who had entered after 1914 and painted a picture where all citizens had equal rights and duties. Yet, beneath this façade of equality lay the seeds of division and discrimination. The emphasis on work, though seemingly noble, had undertones of control. The call for the abolition of unearned incomes and the vilification of war profits hid a more sinister agenda.

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Demands for nationalization, profit-sharing, and insurance for old age might seem progressive. Still, when seen in conjunction with the Nazi’s overarching vision, they were tools for manipulation. Land reforms, the prosecution of those deemed harmful to the “common interest,” and the replacement of Roman Law with German common law were all part of a grander scheme.

Education, too, was not spared. The Nazis sought to mold young minds, aligning curricula with their twisted ideals. They emphasized civic affairs, ensuring that from a tender age, children were indoctrinated with the State’s notion. And while promoting physical strength and health might appear commendable, it was a ploy to create an army of zealous youth.

Then comes the media, the watchdog of society. The platform sought to muzzle it, ensuring only those aligned with their vision could voice their opinions. Any form of dissent, any narrative that did not fit their warped view, was to be quashed. And with the media under their thumb, art and literature, the very soul of society, were next in line.

Despite these draconian measures, the platform claimed to champion religious freedom. But in the same breath, it spoke of combatting the “Jewish-materialist spirit.” The hypocrisy is palpable.

The culmination of this platform was a call for a strong central state power, an omnipotent authority that would oversee the Reich and its organizations. It sought a hierarchy, a system where the few controlled the many, all under the guise of “general legislation.

So, as you ponder over this platform, ask yourself: Would you have seen through the veil? Would you have recognized the signs? Or would you, like countless others, have been ensnared by the siren song of false promises?

The Shocking Reality: Globalists, Food, and the Hidden Agendas

The patterns are strikingly clear. Food production, the lifeline of our species, is being attacked. With each passing day, the backbone of our agricultural systems is being eroded. This isn’t a mere accident or a consequence of unforeseen events—it’s a deliberate act.

And fossil fuels? The very energy sources that catapulted human civilization into an era of growth and prosperity? They too are under assault. Without energy, life as we know it grinds to a halt. As any seasoned journalist would say: “Follow the money.” And it leads straight to the Globalists.

For millennia, humanity was shackled in stasis, primarily due to our limited access to energy. It wasn’t until the advent of farming some 7,000 years ago that we saw a glimmer of hope. This agricultural revolution not only provided a consistent food supply but also fostered cooperation among humans.

But the real game-changer arrived in the late 1800s with the discovery of fossil fuels. As wood supplies dwindled, coal emerged as the savior, paving the way for steam-powered machinery that revolutionized food production. This shift meant fewer hands were needed in the fields, leading to an explosion in population growth.

So vital are fossil fuels that even our fertilizers owe their existence to them. The Haber-Bosch process, a chemical method birthed from fossil fuels, is responsible for feeding roughly half of the world’s population. Can you fathom the ramifications if we were to abruptly cut off this lifeline?

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Now, many may argue that renewable energy sources are the future. However, the math just doesn’t add up. The energy spent producing and installing wind turbines will never be recouped during their operational lifespan. After squandering billions, industries are waking up to the hard truth: the vision of a wind-powered future is but a mirage.

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and fertilizers spells disaster. The outcome? Starvation on an unprecedented scale. And who’s to blame? Conveniently, the scapegoat is ‘climate change‘. We see concerted efforts to undermine food production in prime agricultural regions, such as the Netherlands and Western Australia. One only needs to look at legislative moves like the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act and The Voice to understand the deeper machinations at play.

Years back, I ventured into India, trading edible grain legumes. Time and again, I observed a peculiar trend: whenever prices reached a certain threshold, demand plummeted. Upon investigation, the reality was heartbreaking. For those teetering on the brink of poverty, a minor price hike meant choosing between sustenance and starvation. As prices soared, they’d forgo food until falling demand brought costs down.

This tale isn’t just a bleak chapter from the past—it’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come. In historical famines, food prices have surged by up to 60 times. And when this impending crisis hits, the narrative will be manipulated. The lapdog media, the Globalists, and their cohorts will attribute these famines to ‘climate change‘, conveniently sidestepping their direct role in orchestrating this calamity.

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The Unseen Shadows: What They Don’t Want You to Know

It’s always been about control. Control of the masses, control of information, control of resources, and ultimately, control of life itself. The strings of puppetry have been pulled from the shadows for far too long, and it’s time to expose the puppet masters for who they truly are.

The issue of body disposal during the Nazi regime was a monumental one. Millions of innocent souls, their lives extinguished in the name of an unholy ideology. Fast forward to the present day, and there’s an eerie parallel that’s impossible to ignore: the issue of the Covid vaccine. While I would never equate the two directly, there are disturbing parallels in terms of the sheer number of people affected and the overarching control mechanisms at play.

WA’s data release on Covid vaccine events has brought to light a startling number of adverse effects. And what do we truly know about the long-term impacts? The silence is deafening. Ed Dowd’s interview with Naomi Wolf paints a grim picture, revealing shockingly high death rates in the UK. Yet, much like sheep being led to the slaughter, many continue to blindly follow the narrative without question.

And who’s driving this narrative? None other than the Australian Government, who seems almost desperate in their aggressive vaccine promotion. Their tactics are reminiscent of an opportunistic individual seeking to exploit another for personal gain. Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO), with its grand ambitions to control the world’s health systems, provides the perfect backdrop for what can only be described as a potential vaccine-induced genocide.

To make matters worse, the very companies entrusted with ensuring vaccine safety are akin to wolves guarding the henhouse. And the regulatory systems, either through sheer incompetence or corruption, seem to be in cahoots with these pharmaceutical giants. The FDA, once a beacon of trust, has become a questionable entity post-2002, with approval processes that now raise eyebrows.

But it’s not just the vaccine narrative that’s concerning. Global tensions are at an all-time high. My generation grew up with the looming specter of nuclear war between the superpowers. We lived in the shadows of books like “On the Beach“, which highlighted the harrowing aftermath of nuclear devastation. Yet, today’s youth seem unfazed, even as the drums of war beat louder.

The US’s history of conflict in the Middle East was alarming enough, but their recent aggressive stance against nuclear-armed nations like Russia and China is nothing short of playing with fire. The conflict in Ukraine, while painted as a fight for democracy, has undercurrents of resource control, particularly gas reserves.

War, however, is a double-edged sword. While it might serve the interests of the global elite, it can spiral out of control, potentially even affecting these puppet masters. From their perspective, subtler means of control might be more appealing.

Enter the strategy of population replacement. A coordinated global effort to blur borders, introduce unfamiliar populations into democratic nations, and dilute national identities. But this strategy, too, has its flaws. People are waking up to the tactics employed by these totalitarian forces. The pushback is brewing, and the reckoning is coming.

In the grand scheme of things, the ultimate question is: How many lives will be sacrificed before the masses rise? How many souls will be lost before the world says, “Enough!“? The time for complacency is over. It’s time to wake up, recognize the patterns, and take a stand.

The world is at a crossroads. We can either continue down this dark path, or we can choose to rise, enlightened, informed, and ready to reclaim our destiny.

The choice, dear reader, is yours. And remember, the power has always been with the many, not the few.

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William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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