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Everyone Knows, But Let’s Recap: What is Biden Trying to Hide in Ukraine?

The Biden name has always elicited a myriad of reactions – from unwavering support to incredulous skepticism. But the latest claims are ones you can’t simply sweep under the carpet. When words like “criminal,” “bribe,” and “compromised” start flying around, one can’t help but pay attention.

The dossier on Joe Biden thickens with the assertion, “Joe Biden is a criminal and is compromised!” Are these claims a figment of overactive imagination, or is there a deeper truth lurking in the corridors of power? With an alarming declaration that President Zelenskyy has substantial proof of Biden’s criminal acts, the stage is set for a political thriller.

Central to this narrative is the FBI’s FD-1023 UNCLASSIFIED form. An informant, presumably one of the FBI’s most trusted sources, has spilled the beans. The claim? Biden allegedly pocketed a staggering $5 million bribe from Zlochevsky, all to ensure the ouster of the Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin. “Joe delivered by withholding $1 billion in US aid until Shokin was fired.”

For many, viewing this document remained a forbidden fruit, reserved for the eyes within a SCIF. But some notes, they say, found their way out.

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Chuck Grassley is painted as the hero in this tale, releasing a copy of the document sourced from a brave whistleblower. But the timing of this form, marked “June 30, 2020,” raises eyebrows. Why did it take so long to surface?

Bill Barr, during his tenure as the Attorney General at the DOJ, finds himself amidst these swirling claims. Instead of pursuing prosecution, the baton was allegedly handed over to another attorney, where the trail conveniently went cold.

As 2020 raged on, another twist emerged. The FBI’s possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, allegedly brimming with evidence of crimes, some of which seem too lurid to believe. Payments to prostitutes through his law firm, explicit videos uploaded on adult platforms—the list is scandalous. Not just whispers, but banks’ SARs reports and Oversight proof of payments attest to these allegations.

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Our whistleblower concludes with an unfinished line of inquiry aimed at the IRS: did Hunter capitalize on these explicit videos, and if so, were these earnings declared? “I think we all know the answer,” is the unsettling response.

The call to action is clear. With Republicans in the spotlight, a collective decision beckons. Is this the time for change, or will the dance of democracy see yet another twist?

While the truth remains shrouded, one thing is clear – the quest for transparency, for the real story, has never been more pressing.

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