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Epic Crisis Unfolding: How NYC’s Bold Sanctuary Claim Turned Into Its Biggest Nightmare!

Never before has the phrase “be careful what you wish for” hit home harder than it is currently resonating within the boundaries of New York City, the Big Apple, a city that once loudly proclaimed itself a sanctuary for those who covertly breached the borders of America. As the city gets a taste, albeit a tiny one, of what border states have been contending with for decades, a bitter complaint has replaced its once prideful declaration.

Conversely, the conservative-run states of Arizona, Florida, and Texas, having long grappled with this issue, decided to deliver busloads of undocumented immigrants to the heart of NYC. After all, if New York was so keen on providing a haven for these individuals and lacked the geographical ‘privilege‘ of being a border state, why not take on the responsibility?

Soon, the city’s homeless shelters were bursting at the seams, resulting in the administration resorting to placing these people in various hotels, notably the Roosevelt Hotel. But, when the hotels reached their full capacity, the overflow of undocumented immigrants spread onto the sidewalks, their beds of cardboard boxes now a stark reality of the cityscape.

In response to the burgeoning crisis, NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams issued a stark warning, stating that the immigration issue seen in NYC was destined to land at everyone’s doorstep. “Eventually this is going to come to a neighborhood near you, and it is — 91,000 people,” Adams declared to reporters.

However, let me interject a note of caution here. It’s worth remembering that Republican-run border states have been dealing with this issue for decades. Their cries of alarm and calls for sustainable immigration policies were largely ignored until Democrat-run states were coerced into owning up to their lofty promises. My cautionary note is this: the migration crisis will indeed spread, but only to cities run by Democrats and those that have publicly boasted about being a ‘sanctuary city.

And yet, the larger picture reveals a more dire scenario. In several Republican-run states, Democrat-run cities abound, meaning that this crisis is destined to bleed over into areas not typically associated with these lofty, virtue-signaling sanctuary leaders.

Simultaneously, the unsettling reality is that America is facing a serious financial crunch. Fitch has recently downgraded America’s credit rating, pointing at the colossal public debt, now exceeding $30 trillion. Undocumented immigrants, entering the country in droves, are being provided with food, medical care, education, clothing, and shelter, all funded by taxpayers’ money. And this, while a staggering 61% of Americans are just scraping by, living from paycheck to paycheck.

Interestingly, what has seemingly been forgotten is the concept of ‘legal‘ immigration. The current public discourse has been manipulated to such an extent that terms like ‘Illegal‘ and ‘Unconstitutional‘ have almost vanished from our vocabulary. It’s like a classic Saul Alinsky tactic: rename the ‘Illegal Alien‘ to ‘Undocumented Immigrant’ and then, even further to just ‘migrants.‘ It’s almost as if a sense of naturalization has been imposed upon the act of illegal immigration, stripping away its violation of law and order.

The United States, under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), allows up to 675,000 permanent immigrant visas each year. There are no limits on the annual admission of U.S. citizens’ spouses, parents, and children under the age of 21. Additionally, the president sets an annual quota for refugees to be admitted to the United States through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

However, juxtapose these numbers with the reality on the ground, and a stark picture emerges. The actual number of ‘legal immigrants‘ remains hazy. Without a solid metric to understand the situation, the public perception of the problem becomes distorted, further contributing to the crisis.

The bare truth here, the ‘elephant in the room‘ if you will, is replacement migration. With American birth rates dropping, citizens are being replaced by illegal aliens. It’s time to re-evaluate our stance. The borders must be sealed. Those who have overstayed their visas must be deported. The billions spent on providing for illegal immigrants could be utilized to help the American citizens themselves. We can no longer afford leadership like Biden’s, which seems to put America last.

In the end, the face of America is changing.

It is no longer recognizable from the great nation it once was, with the sight of people sleeping on the streets and shelters occupied by illegal immigrants.

The fact is, the Pandora’s Box has been opened, and it is high time we faced the monsters that have been let loose.

It’s time to put America first again.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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