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Dr. Steven Greer – “Don’t Be Fooled!” The Disturbing Reality of Fake Alien Abductions, Staged Invasions, and the Sinister Cabal Plot to Enslave Humanity!

The truth is more sinister than any extraterrestrial threat: these are actually secret psychological warfare operations conducted by rogue human military-intelligence units.

In recent years, tales of “alien misbehavior” have flooded the media, instilling fear and skepticism in the public’s mind. But the truth is more sinister than any extraterrestrial threat: these are actually secret psychological warfare operations conducted by rogue human military-intelligence units.

These renegade units kidnap innocent civilians without legal authorization, drug them, and subject them to horrifying physical and psychological abuse, all to serve a dark agenda.

The Cabal’s Master Plan: Stealing Advanced Holographic Technology

The Councilor For the Watchers has revealed that the Cabal, a secretive organization, has stolen advanced false-image technology from the U.S. military.

Originally developed by DARPA and the Department of Defense, this technology allows for the projection of highly realistic 3-D holograms, such as rows of soldiers advancing in battle.

While the U.S. taxpayer foots the bill for this classified technology’s development, the Cabal has repurposed it for their nefarious goals.

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The Cabal uses this stolen technology to create lifelike, 3-D fake extraterrestrial images, complete with psychotronic thought-projections and emotion-generating waves, to terrorize unsuspecting civilians.

These staged “alien encounters” can quickly escalate, with Cabal special operatives abducting victims and subjecting them to unspeakable acts of terror, abuse, and mind control.

The victims are then hypnotically programmed to misremember their ordeal as an alien abduction, effectively turning them into unwitting propagandists for the Cabal’s agenda.

This manipulation of public perception serves to fuel fear and mistrust, driving a wedge between humanity and potential extraterrestrial allies.

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Their ultimate goal is to stage a fake alien invasion using highly advanced, weaponized extraterrestrial technology, placing Earth under martial law and seizing control as humanity’s “saviors.

While Star Visitors use advanced holographic technology only as a defensive measure to evade attacks, the Cabal exploits their primitive version of this technology offensively, creating fear, terror, and chaos.

The Dark Agenda: Weaponizing Alien Technology and Staging Invasions

The Cabal’s ambitions don’t stop at psychological warfare.

They use their stolen technology to create the illusion of alien invasions and cattle mutilations, further fomenting fear and discord.

They aim to manipulate public opinion and create an environment ripe for their eventual takeover.

In conclusion, the true threat to humanity is not extraterrestrial in nature, but rather, the sinister machinations of the Cabal and their rogue military-intelligence units.

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They operate in the shadows, stealing advanced technology, manipulating public perception, and waging psychological warfare on unsuspecting civilians, all with the ultimate goal of seizing control of our planet.

It is imperative that we expose the dark truth behind these so-called “alien abductions” and unite against the Cabal’s nefarious agenda.

Only by standing together can we hope to overcome the terror they seek to instill and protect the future of humanity.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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