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Dr. Michael Yeadon, Ex-Pfizer VP, Debunks the Existence of the ‘Killer Virus’ COVID-19: Questions its Origins, Mass Media’s Role, and the High Stakes Game of Control

“I’m a gentle person and ill-equipped to handle this kind of nastiness.” These are the words of a man who has been at the epicenter of one of the most divisive debates in recent history. Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer Vice President, has long been a contrarian voice in the pandemic landscape. But what if the voice of this maverick, this provocative outlier, carried hints of a narrative we’ve overlooked? Bear with me, dear reader, as we journey through Dr. Yeadon’s riveting perspective.

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Dr. Yeadon’s Controversial Legacy

Before diving into his arguments, let’s clarify one thing. This isn’t about endorsing or condemning his views. It’s about amplifying a voice that’s been sidelined. Notably, Yeadon has a rich background in the pharmaceutical realm, consulting with over 20 biotech companies and publishing 40 original research articles.

But it’s his views on COVID-19 that made him a hot topic. He brazenly claims that there never was a novel COVID virus. Sounds shocking? Strap in.

The Virus that Wasn’t There?

Dr. Yeadon’s bone of contention isn’t that people weren’t ill or that they didn’t perish in droves. He argues, rather audaciously, about the cause of those illnesses and deaths. He states, “I’ve grown increasingly frustrated about the way debate is controlled around the topic of origins of the alleged novel virus, SARS-CoV-2…”

Yeadon believes molecular biology, particularly in the realm of virus sequencing, is rife with opportunities for deception. He suggests that tweaking algorithms can alter conclusions vastly, even postulating that the media uproar about the origins of the virus is a distraction. After all, as he provocatively puts it, “the ‘perpetrators’ have significant control over the media.”

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Who’s Pulling the Strings?

Yeadon throws shade at various entities – from the World Economic Forum, political figures, to Big Pharma. He implies a grand, chilling orchestration, where these players devised a “genius” plan to make the world believe in a novel virus’s existence. To add more thrill to this narrative, he hints at a “global coup d’état” that goes beyond just a virus narrative.

But Yeadon doesn’t stop there. He dissects various facets of the COVID story – from PCR testing to the inexplicable behaviors of our leaders who flouted their own rules. Why? Because, as he posits, maybe there wasn’t any virus to fear in the first place.

The Great Vaccine Conspiracy

Yeadon is particularly alarmed by the race to vaccinate. He states, “I’m sure they’re pretty content with getting at least one needle into 6,000,000,000 people,” indicating a grander plan at play, driven by profit and control, rather than health and wellbeing.

He further claims that the vaccines, especially those built on mRNA technology, have been “horribly erratic” and questions their mass production and distribution speed. The plot thickens when he discusses the idea of making all vaccines as mRNA types, suggesting a sinister agenda.

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Are We All Puppets in This Grand Play?

Dr. Yeadon’s explosive narrative draws to a close with a forewarning. He believes we’ve been swindled, that the narrative we’ve been fed is deceptive. Yet, he also acknowledges the gaps in his own narrative, candidly admitting, “I cannot know much for sure.”

However, for those teetering on the edge of belief and skepticism, Yeadon challenges the risk of conformity, stating that silence and compliance could be the most perilous acts.

This article isn’t about accepting Yeadon’s perspective hook, line, and sinker. It’s about giving space to a narrative that deviates from the norm. In an era of monologues, perhaps it’s time to welcome the dialogue. Dr. Michael Yeadon might be an outlier, but history has often been shaped by those standing on the fringes. Whether you view him as a hero or a heretic, his voice, filled with dissent and conviction, deserves to be heard.

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