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Dr. John Coleman’s Final Warning: The Black Nobility, the WEF-UN Partnership, and the Chilling Resurgence of Eugenics and Transhumanism!

In an era of openness and transparency, the late Prince Philip’s eugenic tendencies remain a chilling secret

As the sun rises on a new world order, a pall of mystery cloaks the British royal family. Charles, dubbed “The Great Reset” King, harbors a vision for the United Kingdom, and indeed the world, so twisted that only a handful dare to grasp its implications.

In an era of openness and transparency, the late Prince Philip’s eugenic tendencies remain a chilling secret, only highlighted by his notorious wish to be reincarnated as “a particularly deadly virus” to assist in the planet’s depopulation.

Eugenics: A Sinister Past Rebranded

Eugenics, an ideology that seeks to “improve” the genetic quality of a human population, has left an indelible stain on human history.

Eugenicists, past and present, strive to manipulate human gene pools, promoting those deemed superior while excluding those they consider inferior.

The horrifying application of eugenics in Nazi Germany in the run-up to World War II remains a stark reminder of this ideology’s darkest depths.

But despite the post-war revulsion towards eugenics, it has not vanished; rather, it has merely been rebranded. The sinister path of eugenics now treads under the guise of transhumanism, an attempt to manipulate consciousness and memory closely tied with depopulation.

Renowned intelligence officer and author, Dr. John Coleman, succinctly described this transhumanist agenda as Satanic.

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The Strings of Power: Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome

In his revelatory book, ‘The Club of Rome‘, Dr. Coleman unveils the British East India Company’s transformation into the Committee of 300, the world’s most influential and controlling body.

According to Dr. Coleman, the Club of Rome, an essential foreign policy arm of the Committee of 300, represents the Illuminati’s command structure. The parallels between the historical plans of the British East India Company and the present policies of the Club of Rome are uncanny.

Moreover, the doomsday “World Dynamics” model, which underpins the Club of Rome’s book ‘Limits to Growth‘, clearly ties back to the Committee of 300. The creation of two models, World2 and World3, by Forrester and Meadows, both loyal to the Club of Rome, underscores this connection.

Dr. Coleman’s warning about NATO is a wake-up call for those who place their hopes in this military alliance. His assertion that NATO is a creature of the Club of Rome, serving the Committee of 300, shatters the illusion of NATO’s autonomy.

From Welf Dynasty to British Crown: A Legacy of Power and Control

Dr. Coleman‘s work also lists the Committee of 300’s past and present members, including infamous figures like Henry Kissinger, Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller, members of the Rothschild family, and several British royal family members.

Most intriguingly, Dr. Coleman posits that the Venetian Black Nobility, some of the wealthiest and oldest European families, are part of the Committee of 300. Dubbed the “Black Nobility” for their nefarious deeds and worshipping of Satan, these families’ influence pervades the Club of Rome.

The Welf Dynasty, the English Guelph, is a lineage closely related to the imperial Carolingian family. Their influence spread from the Meuse-Moselle area in the 11th century to the British throne with George I’s accession in 1714.

Dr. Coleman identifies Queen Victoria as the Black Nobility Guelph’s matriarch. This connection suggests an aristocrat-commoner partnership, eerily similar to the invasive World Economic Forum-United Nations (WEF-UN) partnership that seeks to “reimagine” and “reshape” every aspect of our lives.

A Façade Unveiled: The WEF-UN and the Black Nobility Conspiracy

Could it be that the WEF-UN partnership is a smokescreen for the Black Nobility’s conspiracy?

Does Charles’ attendance at the WEF’s Davos meeting in 2020, after a 30-year hiatus, to launch the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) hint at this hidden agenda?

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And why, six months later, did he launch The Great Reset through his SMI and the WEF? Was 2020 the year the Black Nobility, spearheaded by Charles, made their decisive moves?

If Charles “The Great Reset” King has assumed the mantle of his mother, Elizabeth II, then he wields significant control over the Committee of 300. In doing so, he continues the Black Guelph family tradition that began more than a century ago – a conspiracy to achieve global domination.

A World Ensnared by the Black Nobility’s Web

As the world hurtles towards an uncertain future, the shadows of the Black Nobility continue to loom large.

Charles “The Great Reset” King, his lineage steeped in power and control, stands as a harbinger of a new world order.

The chilling resurgence of eugenics, the insidious connections between global institutions, and the sinister machinations of the Black Nobility all coalesce to cast a dark pall over humanity’s destiny.

As the players behind the scenes continue to tighten their grip on the world stage, one question remains:

Will humanity find the strength to break free from the shackles of the Black Nobility and reclaim its destiny, or will we be forever bound to their malevolent designs?

Ethan White
Ethan White
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