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Deciphering a Decade of Darkness: How Military Intelligence Allegedly Uncovered the CCP’s Deep Infiltration into the Three Pillars of U.S. Governance.

For the past decade, Military Intelligence has allegedly been uncovering deeply rooted connections between the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and their purported control over the 3 branches of U.S. government. A startling revelation: Is America’s governance really under the puppet strings of the CCP?

In the current climate of geopolitical drama, there’s an ever-looming cloud of suspicion. And much of that suspicion, in the last ten years, revolves around the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) alleged clandestine operations within the United States. If you’ve had your ears to the ground, you’ll know there’s been a wild whirlwind of whispers about “white hats”, an unknown military alliance supposedly working to expose and shut down these covert CCP missions.

The Sinister CCP Secrets They NEVER Wanted You to See! I

The Underbelly of The 2020 Election Drama: In the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. elections, there were allegations of interference, with some theorists claiming that these were a part of an intricate military operation by the ‘white hats’, connected directly to President Trump’s executive orders. Why, you ask? The purported end game: to enact the U.S. military’s 11.3 Laws of War, leading to a military occupation of the United States. These times would see military law and martial law merge, as Special Forces under protocols set by JFK, Reagan, and Trump, are said to get the power to arrest not just ordinary citizens, but powerful elites, organizations, and politicians suspected of conspiring with foreign powers.

Now, to the common reader, this sounds like a spy-thriller plot, but could there be truth hidden amidst the chaff? Remember, Hollywood, governed by the CCP’s financial web, would never tell us such a story.

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Ties that Bind – Hollywood, Wall Street, and The CCP: It’s no secret that Hollywood’s storylines often mirror real-life politics. But what if the strings of Hollywood are pulled by the CCP, CIA, and Wall Street? Rumors suggest that the CCP’s stronghold isn’t just limited to the film industry but extends to mainstream media, thanks to their networks of subsidiary banks and investors. There’s a possible link tying the CCP to CIA operations, Wall Street, the Biden Crime family, the Obama administration, and even the Clintons. And let’s not forget the deep state connections with the Rockefellers, Duponts, and Rothschilds.

The Unspoken Name – COVID: Ever wondered why power players like Fauci, Biden, and Obama steer clear of condemning the CCP or even Wuhan? Insiders suggest a dark tale where the U.S., in collaboration with CCP and Wuhan, played a role in creating the COVID virus, moving it from Fort Detrick and Chapel Hill to Wuhan.

Disturbing Acts in Paradise: The fires that ravaged Lahaina, Hawaii, on August 8, 2023, might not have been an accident. Allegedly, CCP’s NORAD 555836, a Direct Energy Weapon satellite, was active over Lahaina during this catastrophe. While the U.S. NORAD operations seemed to cover this activity up, ‘white hats’ might have been tracking the CCP’s operations all along.

It’s not just about exposing these acts. It’s about building a comprehensive case, gathering evidence, and delivering justice. Every event is supposedly being meticulously documented for future military courts. These tribunals and the consequent arrests will shine a light on acts that could be termed as treason.

There’s a conspiracy theory gaining momentum, where every landed property, every dollar amassed by elites like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, and every decision made during the 2020 elections is under scrutiny. The clock is ticking, and if these whispers have any merit, it could very well change the landscape of America’s political future. The call for justice is loud, and only time will reveal the truth. If these claims are legitimate, the consequences are beyond imagination – life imprisonments, asset seizures, and potentially, the death penalty for those involved.

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