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Breaking!! World’s Central Banks Are Collapsing, Deep State on the Brink: Covert Military Operation Set to Save the World—Prepare for the Largest Currency Reset in History!

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The stage is set, and the curtains are about to rise on a seismic upheaval that will send shockwaves through the corridors of global finance and power. A storm is brewing, and no one can deny it. Brace yourself for what is to come, because the world’s central banks are teetering on the brink of collapse, and the financial system is poised to implode in a spectacular fashion.

The plan is in motion, and the final battle to dismantle the shadowy Deep State is fast approaching. Texas has initiated emergency evacuations, while the United Nations is shuttering its offices in secret. The currency reset is slated for May 29, marking the beginning of the largest banking collapse in recorded history. Over 2 billion people have pledged allegiance to the Great Awakening military project, and they’re ready for the impending upheaval.

The US government has already entered a partial shutdown. The United Nations has quietly closed its doors, while central banks around the world crumble like sandcastles in the tide. Meanwhile, China has set its cyber-war machines in motion, unleashed a series of digital strikes on May 5 that disrupted critical infrastructure in Texas, Hawaii, and the West Coast.

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The climax of Plan Q is predicted to be the shutdown of the global internet and electrical infrastructure. It’s not clear if this will occur in stages or in isolated regions, but the countdown is ticking, and the time for full-scale disruption is approaching between May and June. The information about these clandestine maneuvers is being suppressed on platforms like X (formerly Twitter), while mainstream media outlets remain conspicuously silent.

In Zimbabwe, a quiet revolution is unfolding. The country has switched its annual budget to a gold-backed currency (ZiG), signaling the official implementation of a gold standard. This seismic shift in monetary policy isn’t just isolated to Zimbabwe. Across Africa, currencies are being underpinned by diamonds, while Middle Eastern nations are securing their money supply with oil reserves.

Meanwhile, the shadow of economic collapse looms large over the United States. The Federal Reserve System is in its death throes, and financial expert Robert Kiyosaki warns that the economy is unraveling like the strings of a tattered sweater.

The National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) and the Global Economic Security and Recovery Act (GESARA) are rolling out, and QFS (Quantum Financial System) is poised to change the rules of the game entirely. Voluntary deportations will exceed 20 million, and citizenship will be required to partake in the forthcoming recovery.

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Auto and real estate markets will crash, services industries will shut down, and schools will close. But for those who are prepared, a new dawn is on the horizon. The RV (rate rounding) and the GCR (global currency reset) are set in motion. Although the mainstream media is muzzled, sources confirm that the transition has begun. The presidency of Joe Biden is about to topple, paving the way for a 10-day emergency video broadcast that will unveil the truth to the world.

As the countdown accelerates, it’s essential to exude positive vibes. The real world operates on vibrational outcomes, and negativity won’t cut it. Despite the chaos and confusion swirling around us, there’s an opportunity to embrace Earth’s evolution and reclaim our freedom.

Zimbabwe bondholders will receive compensation in dollars linked to the country’s own currency. Likewise, other African nations will bolster their financial systems with diamond reserves. And in the Middle East, oil is the foundation of new currencies. Amid this turmoil, money is still out there, ready to flow once the green light flashes.

The exchanges have already begun. The whisper network is abuzz with instructions to stay tight-lipped. The dates aren’t clear, but this is a military operation with calculated precision, and we’re standing on the precipice of change.

The storm is here, and the Army of Angels stands ready. Notifications will drop any day now, and we will usher in a glorious new week. The swamp will be drained, and the final battle is ours to win. So, choose your track, steel yourself, and trust the plan—because a great week lies ahead and nothing can stop what is coming.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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