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Breaking the Silence: How COVID Restrictions Were the First Step to Climate Propaganda Control!

The Western world’s foundations have been rattled, and one can’t help but wonder if there’s a grander scheme at play, a larger narrative hidden from the common eye. As a journalist, I’ve been digging deeper, connecting the dots that don’t quite add up, and here’s what I’ve uncovered.

Not so long ago, skeptics scoffed at the mere hint of a coordinated global agenda, saying it was too intricate, too complicated for humans to mastermind. Yet, isn’t it ironic how the recent pandemic revealed a different picture altogether? Today, we’re faced with a reality where governments, corporate behemoths, and globalist entities appear more aligned than ever. Their coordinated efforts are undeniable, and the evidence is overwhelming.

Consider the drastic measures we’ve seen: businesses and places of worship shuttered, mandates for face coverings despite scientific evidence questioning their efficacy, and strong pushes for vaccines that have bypassed traditional safety protocols. In some regions, quarantine camps have sprung up, and in others, legislation that allows for similar confinements is making waves.

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A look at public opinion unveils startling revelations. Recent polls highlight a disturbing inclination among the political left to support extreme measures:

  • 55% in favor of imposing fines for non-compliance.
  • 59% supporting home confinement for the unvaccinated.
  • 48% believe that those questioning the vaccine should be incarcerated.
  • 47% advocating for tracking systems for those not vaccinated.
  • 29% endorse excluding children who aren’t vaccinated.

If you’re thinking this is a mere coincidence, you’re mistaken. There’s more beneath the surface than meets the eye.

During the pandemic, a disturbing narrative emerged from the left. They aimed to make life so unbearable for the unvaccinated that they would relent just to find relief. They’ll say people made the choice of their own free will. But can one really make a choice when faced with coercion, even if it’s not at the point of a gun?

Now, let’s talk numbers. The very premise of these draconian measures is the claim of “saving lives“. Yet, the official statistics around COVID-19’s infection mortality rate stands at a mere 0.23%. A virus that 99.8% of the population would recover from has been used as a grounds for potential constitutional violations. Isn’t it perplexing? And one can’t help but ponder – were the predictions around the virus’s fatality rate flawed? Or did something change when this lab-originated virus entered the real world?

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But let’s not be disillusioned. The forces at play, though coordinated, are not invincible. Their plan had multiple variables, many of which were unpredictable. They relied heavily on left-leaning factions, expecting them to be the perfect enforcers. Yet, the left wasn’t intimidating enough. They also made the erroneous assumption that independent thinkers, especially those with conservative inclinations, would be passive and easy to maneuver. The resilience and resistance, especially in the United States, caught them off-guard. A land where over 50 million citizens are armed and willing to stand for their rights wasn’t the pushover they anticipated.

The vaccine passport was, in many ways, their pièce de résistance, a tool to infiltrate every facet of our daily lives. With it, they could control employment, commerce, and more. It would be the ultimate symbol of their dominance.

But here’s the thing: knowledge is power. Recognizing the puppeteers and their tactics is the first step in reclaiming our world. The narrative has been laid bare for those willing to see. The question now is, how will we respond?

The Disappearance of COVID-19 Hysteria: A Prelude to Another Agenda?

The narrative took an unexpected turn. Conservatives, independent thinkers, and a significant number of red states made a staunch stand. And then, almost magically, the clamor around COVID-19, the media frenzies, and the once seemingly unwavering orders dwindled. The puppet masters behind the scenes were clearly unprepared for such fierce opposition.

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However, whispers have been circulating, suggesting that this “Corona agenda” might rear its head again with newly exaggerated strains of the virus. But I argue, will it? With a significant chunk of Americans now skeptical of these mandates and the questionable efficacy of measures like mask-wearing, a resurgence of such tactics is likely doomed to fail. It’s imperative to recognize though that as long as these orchestrators remain unpunished, their attempts, however futile, will persist.

Figures like Anthony Fauci remain unaccountable for the miscommunication and obfuscation. The Biden administration’s audacious moves remain unchecked, as do the censorship efforts of mainstream media and tech giants. And yes, let’s not overlook Trump’s role in all this. His support for a hurriedly-developed mRNA vaccine and the questionable appointments in his cabinet certainly played a part in this theater.

Even if the winds of political change blow again in 2024, remember, no singular leader will pull us out of this quagmire. The onus is on us, the people.

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However, as the curtain fell on one act, another seems poised to take center stage: climate change. The parallels between the COVID and climate change narratives are uncanny. Both seem grounded in the assertion that human behavior is the culprit and, therefore, must be tamed for the “greater good.” This thinking ventures into the terrain of collectivism, where individual actions are seen as potentially catastrophic for the collective.

Whether it’s the breaths we took that were deemed hazardous during COVID-19 or our carbon footprints now, isn’t it curious that our very existence seems to be portrayed as the enemy? The term “climate lockdown” is now being bandied about, suggesting measures akin to the COVID lockdowns might be the solution to our environmental woes.

Yet, for all the data about reduced human-caused emissions during lockdowns, the fundamental link between human actions and global warming remains tenuous. Correlation, after all, isn’t causation.

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Climate change concerns are increasingly dominating headlines, eerily echoing the relentless COVID media machine of yesteryears. Yet, the premises of these doomsday prophecies are flimsy, with most founded on a mere century’s worth of data. History tells us the Earth has experienced numerous warming phases, hotter than today, without any human intervention.

Yet, the climate change narrative, like its predecessor, serves a purpose. It’s another ploy to curtail our freedoms, all under the guise of a ‘greater good‘. History has shown that the Earth’s climate has been in flux for millennia, and the changes we see today are no different than those of the past.

At the heart of these grand machinations is the ambition to orchestrate a “new world order.” But for this vision to come to fruition, they need the populace’s buy-in. And what better way to achieve this than by appealing to their sense of virtue? By convincing them that their sacrifices, their relinquished freedoms, are for the good of humanity and the planet.

However, the truth remains: their portrayal of ‘good’ is but a smokescreen for a more sinister ambition.

And the more we recognize this, the more empowered we become to challenge and change the narrative.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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