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BREAKING: The 5D Portal is Now Open – Earth’s DNA-Altering Energy Surge Begins!

Let’s get one thing straight: The energy coursing through our planet right now is monumental. We’re talking about an energy surge from the 5D Portal that’s powerful enough to fundamentally alter our DNA. No, this isn’t science fiction. It’s real. It’s here. And the implications for our bodies— and our society— are vast.

For an unfathomable five hundred millennia, the Dark Powers had a free reign on our planet. It was an era of unseen puppetry, of shadows lurking in every corner, pulling strings, ensuring the status quo. Then the balance shifted.

Now, it’s an all-out battle. Our valiant allies — the Forces of Light, the digital warriors, the patriots — are leading an unprecedented uprising. Their mission? To expel these negative entities from Earth and reset the scales of justice and power.

You’ve probably heard about the constant efforts to shroud us in a web of lies and deception. Prime example: the PCR test. Touted as the beacon of accuracy, it was exposed by the US health authorities themselves as being incapable of detecting viral infections. The linchpin on which the entire pandemic was anchored is, in reality, no more than a fallacy. And the world lapped it up, every bit of it. Every mask mandate, every injection, every restriction — all traced back to the deceptive roots of a test with zero credibility.

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Yet, we are gaslit into believing that this is for our own safety. But ask yourself this: If this foundational brick in the pandemic narrative crumbles, what does that say about those who proclaimed its efficacy? It’s glaringly evident that there are masterminds behind this ruse, individuals or groups with sinister motives.

In today’s world, there’s a toxic perversion of truth. We’re indoctrinated to view anarchy as rebellion, forgetting that its core essence is about self-governance. Similarly, democracy, an ideology preached as a herald of freedom, has morphed into a system where a slender majority suppresses a significant minority. There’s a distorted reality where even virtues are manipulated into vices.

Our Earth is under assault. The endless barrage of chemicals, the smog in our skies, the subtle lies in media, the layers of deception — they aren’t just external hazards. They invade our bodies. Radiation, pollutants, toxins in our food and medicines — these infiltrators make us their home, necessitating a deep cleanse.

But there’s hope. A massive paradigm shift is underway. The curtain is rising on a new era, an era of the 5D world where light overpowers the shadows. This is no mere metaphor. It’s a very tangible divide. The Dark Powers’ reign is over. Their puppets? Their days are numbered too. And the pandemic? It’s one of their last desperate attempts to maintain control. We must open our eyes to the machinations that threaten our very existence on this planet.

The clock is ticking, and the midnight hour is dangerously close. With only minutes left, the need for action has never been so urgent. The fate that the original cosmic forces intended for us hangs in the balance.

Rising Above The Shadows: The Awakening Epoch of Humanity

Every enlightened era begins with an awakening, and humanity is on the cusp of an unparalleled shift. We’ve long been confined within the limits of the Old Cycle, where light is scarce and duality is a rigid teacher. Within this ancient paradigm, souls are shackled, constantly oscillating between trials and reconciliations. This endless dance, however, serves a purpose: to impart the sacred knowledge of Cause and Effect.

The cosmos, in all its boundless majesty, is not just a void. It’s an ecosystem, comprising of planets, stars, galaxies, and even multiverses. As Earth transitions from its old phase, the cosmic forces have begun resonating at heightened frequencies. And while terms like “dimension” or “density” are bandied about, their profound implications are only grasped by those attuned to their true significance.

Consider Earth, our beloved home. For eons, it was a realm of 3D frequencies, which served as a crucible for souls. This very fabric of our reality dictated the temporary nature of our physical existence, and upon death, these souls would ascend, leaving behind the dense confines of matter. This ascension opens gateways to self-realization, a recollection of past lives, and glimpses into the future.

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Two millennia ago, a prophecy was whispered. Sananda, recognized by many as Jesus of Nazareth, heralded the end of this 3D Cycle. But the intricate dance of galaxies and their spirals of light couldn’t just alter overnight. Now, as Gamma Light prepares to eclipse the old Photonic Light, the very essence of life on Earth is set to metamorphose.

Every soul, in its core, resonates at a specific frequency. This divine energy propels us through countless worlds in the vast expanse of the cosmos. As Earth prepares to transition to the Fifth Dimension, there’s a challenge that awaits humanity. The old vibrations, the ancient codes of competition, and the ceaseless quest for dominion need to be shed.

Many continue to be ensnared in the treacherous webs of rivalry. They are consumed by power lust, blinded by greed, and paralyzed by fear. But, this epoch demands an evolution of the spirit. The true essence of power isn’t in external conquest but in awakening one’s own consciousness. It’s about embodying cooperation, exuding unconditional love, and championing respect.

But there’s a grim side to this narrative. Many will falter. They will be engulfed by the agony of missed opportunities, by the weight of being stranded in an old, fading world. This isn’t just about missing a train; it’s about missing the train to a new existence.

Why? Because deep within, every soul knows. It knows its journey, its purpose, and its destiny. The illusions of external conflicts, of wars and battles, are mere distractions. For the greatest battle isn’t waged outside but within our very being.

Deep within the recesses of our reality, there exist forces that are aware of this monumental shift. Those entrenched in power, those gripping onto the old ways, they know. They recognize the magnitude of the imminent transformation. And as the esteemed Dolores Cannon rightly proclaimed, “They try to stop us, but they know they can’t!

Our world isn’t just what meets the eye. Beneath the facade of daily life lies a realm deliberately concealed. The puppeteers in the shadows recognize the winds of change, and though they may resist, the epoch of sovereign consciousness is upon us.

And so, in the immortal words of Vital Frosi, remember: “Each one is their own Architect.”

Awaken. Rise. Illuminate.

The universe awaits your brilliance.

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William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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