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Breaking News Ignored by Mainstream Media: Quantum Financial System Activates, Transforming Millions of Lives Overnight!

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The NESARA and GESARA laws herald the dawn of a new era in global finance. They promise to dismantle the existing fraudulent financial systems and replace them with a fair and transparent model, spearheaded by the revolutionary Quantum Financial System (QFS). This is a complete overhaul that has the potential to reshape the world’s economic landscape fundamentally.

What is the Quantum Financial System (QFS)?

The Quantum Financial System, or QFS, is a groundbreaking advancement in financial technology. It leverages the immense computational power of quantum computers, which are housed in satellites orbiting the Earth.

These satellites are strategically placed to prevent hacking attempts and manage the heat dissipation that comes with high-intensity calculations. Traditional earth-bound systems would overheat under such strain, but in the cold vacuum of space, quantum computers operate seamlessly.

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QFS is designed to eliminate financial malpractices, such as money laundering, by providing unprecedented security and transparency. The current financial system, plagued by corruption and inequality, will be rendered obsolete with the introduction of QFS. This system is not just a technological marvel; it’s the backbone of NESARA and GESARA’s vision for a just and equitable financial world.

When Will the Quantum Financial System (QFS) Start?

Rumors of QFS’s activation have been circulating, particularly around March 2020, when it was claimed that a colossal fund, the 33 Kyen QFS fund, had been launched. To grasp the magnitude, if this sum were distributed among the 7.7 billion people on Earth, each individual would receive over 40 million yen. This could facilitate the introduction of a global basic income, potentially eradicating poverty.

The mainstream media’s silence on this development is conspicuous. The lack of coverage may be due to the covert and complex nature of the transition. Although full functionality of quantum computers is yet to be achieved, the current capabilities suggest a future where QFS will dominate global finance.

The Implications of QFS and NESARA/GESARA

NESARA and GESARA are not mere legal reforms; they lay the foundation for a new world. These laws aim to abolish debt, dissolve corrupt financial structures, and reset the global economy. Envision a world where financial fraud is impossible, and the manipulation of money for power becomes a thing of the past. NESARA and GESARA, supported by QFS, promise to turn this vision into reality.

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Critics of the current financial system liken it to modern alchemy, a mechanism designed to enrich the few at the expense of the many. It perpetuates debt and inequality, ensuring that the elite continue to grow wealthier. The introduction of QFS is set to dismantle this imbalance. By resetting currencies and implementing a new financial system, NESARA and GESARA will level the playing field, ensuring fairness and equity.

The Media’s Deafening Silence

Despite the profound implications of NESARA and GESARA, the media remains inexplicably quiet. This silence suggests a deliberate effort to keep the public uninformed. Those in power are acutely aware that once the masses comprehend the potential of QFS, the demand for change will be unstoppable. The elite, who have thrived under the current system, are the most at risk of losing their grip on power.

The Path Forward

Transitioning to QFS and implementing NESARA and GESARA will not be without challenges. The entrenched interests controlling the current financial systems will resist fiercely. They will employ every tactic at their disposal, from political influence to media manipulation, to maintain the status quo. However, the momentum for change is growing. People worldwide are awakening to the possibilities of a fairer, more transparent financial system.


In conclusion, the Quantum Financial System is not just a technological breakthrough; it is the cornerstone of a new world order. NESARA and GESARA are the catalysts for this monumental change, poised to dismantle corrupt financial structures and usher in an era of unprecedented equity and prosperity.

The media’s silence and the resistance from the elite only underscore the significance of what is at stake. As we stand on the brink of this transformation, it is imperative to stay informed and vigilant. The future of global finance, and indeed our collective future, hangs in the balance.

This is a factual account of ongoing developments. The evidence is undeniable, and the changes are imminent. NESARA, GESARA, and the QFS offer a vision of a future where financial integrity and fairness are paramount.

The potential for a global economic reset is not just a distant dream but an imminent reality. Embrace the future with NESARA and GESARA, and witness the dawn of a new era in financial history.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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