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Breaking! – NESARA Unleashes Financial Tsunami: Computer Programs Distributing Wealth Like Never Before!

NESARA’s ‘Restoration and Recovery (R&R) payments’ and the Quantum Financial System (QFS) herald a new dawn in the world of finance, addressing the deep-seated flaws of our current system. This is not a mere tweak; it’s a transformative overhaul poised to revolutionize financial distribution and justice as we know it.

Envision a future where computer programs, with precision and fairness, administer billions in R&R payments. This is no longer a concept from a dystopian novel but a promising reality. The White Hats, though enigmatic, are pioneering a new era of financial equality and transparency, ensuring fair distribution without the biases and delays of traditional systems.

Enter the Quantum Financial System, a true game-changer already reshaping the banking and financial transaction landscape. This is more than a system switch; it’s a complete reimagining of the financial ecosystem. The QFS breaks away from outdated rules, ushering in a new era of financial innovation and security.

The bold move to employ computer algorithms for global financial restitution is a testament to human ingenuity. Each individual’s unique financial history is now addressed with a level of precision and fairness previously unimaginable. While the complexity is vast, the potential for creating a more just financial world is immense.

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The involvement of tech visionaries like Bill Gates and Microsoft’s programmers in this endeavor is a reassuring sign. Their expertise in technology brings a level of security and innovation crucial for the success of such a groundbreaking system.

The concept of Birth Certificate Bonds and U.S. Treasury ATM cards offering tax exemptions is not just a dream but a glimpse into a future of financial empowerment and freedom. This leap from the current system to a new paradigm is bold and full of potential, offering a brighter financial future for all.

This financial revolution, with its many promised benefits, is a beacon of hope. It’s a journey towards rectifying financial disparities, backed by the power of technology and a commitment to fairness. As we embrace this new era, the focus remains on ensuring accountability and transparency, making this not just a technological triumph but a milestone in financial justice and equality.

How the Quantum Financial System Will Change Money Forever!

1. Introduction to QFS:

  • The QFS is a groundbreaking financial system, distinct from the traditional centralized banking system.
  • It aims to eradicate the global issue of “debt slavery.”

2. Technological Superiority:

  • The QFS is the pinnacle of financial technology, emphasizing design, reliability, and security.
  • It is a gradual transition, ensuring perfection in every phase.

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3. Beyond Cryptocurrency and Blockchain:

  • Utilizes Distributed Ledger Technology, surpassing conventional cryptocurrency and blockchain models.
  • Quantum

qubits are integral, overseeing every global financial transaction for legality, authorization, and transparency.

4. Obsolescence of Central Banks:

  • Central banks cannot convert old FIAT money into the QFS, signaling their impending redundancy.
  • The QFS marks the end of the minimum reserve banking system and central bank dominance.

5. Global Integration:

  • Each sovereign currency and bank is a unique ledger within the QFS.
  • In March 2017, a pivotal moment: data from all account holders in 209 countries was integrated into the QFS.

6. Conversion Process:

  • The QFS is designed for the conversion of all bank accounts from any fiat currency to a local asset-backed currency.
  • It involves verifying the original bank account’s validity before conversion.

7. The 1:1 Conversion Ratio:

  • Upon successful verification, fiat currency holdings are transformed into a new local asset-backed currency at a 1:1 ratio.

8. Conclusion:

  • The QFS is not a mere financial update; it’s a revolution, a shift from opacity to transparency.
  • It heralds the end of financial manipulation and the dawn of a new era in finance.
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