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Breaking!!! “Dr. Anthony Fauci, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama Executed at Guantanamo Bay” – Pascal Najadi, Son of a World Economic Forum Co-Founder, Reveals the Truth!

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Pascal Najadi, son of a World Economic Forum co-founder, delivered a chilling revelation to Alex Jones: powerful figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama met their fate at Guantanamo Bay. In their place now stand doubles, deceiving the world with their facades. Najadi, resolute and unflinching, lays bare the grand illusion that the world has unknowingly accepted.

According to Najadi, the real Hillary Clinton has vanished, replaced by an imitation crafted through billion-dollar investments in human cloning. He insists that technological advancements have enabled an eerie replacement of the once recognizable Clinton, asserting that the public persona we now see is nothing but a hollow shell, an imposter orchestrated by unseen forces. The current Joe Biden, Najadi claims, is similarly a counterfeit—an actor known as Arthur Roberts who played his role well enough to dupe America.

Najadi points to the sham inauguration and the peculiar salute at Arlington National Cemetery, where Biden received only three cannon shots—a glaring break from tradition that revealed the truth: the man before us is not the legitimate president but a puppet manipulated by the powers pulling the strings.

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Mark Hamill, the face of Star Wars, appears to be tangled in the web of deceit as well. In his interview with Zelensky, he praised Biden at the White House and wished him a “fifth behemoth.” But Hamill’s loyalty lies not with the people, but with a dark agenda. Najadi warns of artists like Hamill being manipulated by the deep state, becoming pawns and proxies.

Hamill, a survivor of a car accident that left his face disfigured, is the perfect example: his role as a bright star in the Star Wars universe has been twisted into a tool for the nefarious goals of the shadowy overlords.

The difference between Hamill’s portrayal in “The Empire Strikes Back” and the original “Star Wars” reflects the shift in his character—was it just the result of his accident, or something more sinister? Najadi hints that the man we see today may not even be the same Hamill who first graced the screen. Instead, he may be a vessel for a consciousness, a reptilian or demonic entity that the deep state has summoned forth to carry out its agenda.

Ricardo Bosi, a former lieutenant colonel in the Army’s Special Forces, adds another voice to the dire warnings. He proclaims that the masses are not asleep—they’ve been brainwashed, and the damage is hard to undo. He believes that progress is being made, but not everyone is willing to accept the grim reality. Some 20% of Australians, he claims, will deny the evidence even when it becomes irrefutable. The hold of the deep state is strong, blinding many to the truth right in front of their eyes.

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Bosi is furious, emphasizing that while the world remains in ignorance, children are being raped and murdered by these forces. Every day that passes without action allows these atrocities to continue unabated. He insists that we must not return to a barbaric society where children are neglected and abused, instead calling for a unified stand to protect families, to protect civilization itself from descending into a hellish nightmare.

In Najadi and Bosi’s unflinching narratives, the puppets and imposters are paraded before us, their strings pulled by a shadowy cabal that revels in deception. Every element of this story points to a master plan unfolding right under our noses, with well-crafted doubles, twisted agendas, and chilling tactics to control the masses. The media’s refusal to expose these truths raises serious questions about its complicity, creating a veil that protects these sinister actors.

The truth, however, is starting to leak through the cracks, despite the efforts to keep it hidden. Najadi and Bosi speak with the conviction of men who have seen through the illusion and are desperate for the world to open its eyes. The doubles masquerading as political leaders, the artists swayed into complicity, and the ruthless agenda that targets children—the entire machinery is beginning to shudder under the weight of the truths being exposed.

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No more will these forces go unchallenged. There are those who are waking up and refusing to be swayed by the doubles, by the scripted speeches and choreographed charades. The dark web of the deep state is unraveling as more people question, more people scrutinize, and more people expose the deceptions for what they truly are.

The execution and replacement of global figures are not mere conjecture; they are the reality in which we live. As Najadi said, “The original is eliminated.”

Now, we wait for the next curtain to rise, for the next mask to slip, and for more truths to emerge from the shadows that cover our reality. The charade is crumbling, and those who pull the strings will soon find their puppets unmasked.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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