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Breaking! CIA’s Puppet Zelensky in Murderous Rampage: Silencing His Own Generals, Hoarding Stolen Billions Abroad!

In the murky underbelly of global politics, a sinister plot is unraveling, one that reeks of betrayal and bloodshed. Ukraine, a nation battered by war, is not just fighting an external enemy but is being cannibalized from within by its own leaders. The narrative being peddled to the public is a farce, a smokescreen for the nefarious machinations of those in power.

President Volodymyr Zelensky, once the poster boy of Ukrainian resilience, is now a puppet dancing on the strings of international puppeteers. The man is shuffling billions into offshore accounts, a move that reeks of desperation and deceit. This isn’t just about personal security; it’s a calculated strategy in a global game of chess where human lives are mere pawns.

The CIA and the U.S. government are neck-deep in this quagmire. They’re not just observers; they’re orchestrators, pulling strings in a shadow play that would put the most convoluted spy plots to shame. Their latest act? Preparing a U.S. passport for Zelensky, planning his escape route to Florida. Why? Because when the ship sinks, the rats are the first to flee.

The human cost of this conflict is staggering and heart-wrenching. Zelensky’s regime, under the guise of defending national sovereignty, has led to the slaughter of half a million Ukrainians, most of them soldiers and specialists, and has uprooted over 10 million civilians. This isn’t collateral damage; it’s systematic annihilation.

The Ukrainian military brass has sniffed out the stench of betrayal. They’ve pieced together a chilling picture: Zelensky and his cronies, bought and paid for by the CIA, world banks, NATO, MI6, and faceless globalists. Their objective? To ignite a war that would pave the way for NATO’s march to Moscow, seizing Russia’s riches and its prized lithium reserves.

This war was meant to be a smokescreen, a diversion to facilitate a grander scheme. The plan was to use Ukraine’s suffering to rally global support, paving the way for a massive reconstruction effort, bankrolled by international funds. The endgame? To transform Ukraine into a bastion of Khazar-Kazarian influence, a nexus for money laundering and globalist machinations, with a direct line to Russia’s resources.

But this grand plan is crumbling. The European Union and the United States, under Biden’s leadership, are signaling a retreat. The Ukrainian military’s top brass is on the brink of revolt against Zelensky, and the CIA and MI6 are scrambling to contain the fallout.

Zelensky, trapped in a web of his own making, holds a ‘kill switch’ – damning evidence of the West’s involvement in this orchestrated conflict. He’s a man who knows too much, a liability in a game where secrets are currency.

Russia, sensing the opportunity, has extended an olive branch to Zelensky, offering him sanctuary in exchange for spilling the beans on the deep state’s machinations. But the CIA, MI6, and Mossad are keeping Zelensky on a tight leash, leaving him with dwindling options.

NATO, once the mighty shield against Soviet expansion, is now a hollow shell, its purpose and credibility in tatters. Its members are waking up to the reality of NATO’s deviation from its founding principles. Turkey’s potential pivot to Middle Eastern conflicts is just a symptom of a deeper malaise within the alliance.

Meanwhile, the CIA and the Department of Defense are embroiled in a shadow war. The CIA is poised to pin the Ukraine fiasco on the DOD. But within the DOD, a faction of ‘white hat’ generals and commanders is gearing up to blow the lid off the CIA’s corruption and its role in the 2020 U.S. military coup and the deep state’s stranglehold over the FBI and past U.S. presidents.

The deep state in Europe is in disarray as their machinations unravel. The World Economic Forum’s agendas are being laid bare, contributing to a global awakening against their military projects and the real-time disintegration of NATO.

This is more than a regional conflict; it’s a global power struggle with Ukraine at its epicenter. The truth is buried under layers of lies and deception, and the world watches, holding its breath, as the next chapter in this real-life thriller unfolds.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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