Friday, June 21, 2024

Breaking! 34,000 Veterans and Officers Launch Direct Assault on Biden and Elites, Citing 85,000 Missing Children – Global Uprising Ignites, Rallying Behind Texas Standoff!

Attention, citizens of the world, and especially you, the proud and vigilant Americans! The time has come to open your eyes to the stark reality unfolding before us, a reality that mainstream media shies away from, but one that demands our immediate and undivided attention. This is not just another news piece; this is a clarion call for action, a rallying cry for those who value freedom, truth, and justice.

In the heart of Texas, a monumental event is taking shape, one that could very well redefine the course of our nation’s history. The Oath Keepers, led by a valiant Army Green Beret, have taken a stand, a stand that echoes the very essence of American spirit and resilience. They are not alone in this fight. Joining them are over 34,000 military veterans, police officers, sheriffs, and militias, all united under a common cause – to defend the Constitution of the United States against a deep and insidious threat that has infiltrated the highest echelons of power.

The Biden administration, along with the Davos Group, the CIA, and remnants of the Obama regime, stand accused of orchestrating a grand scheme that undermines the very foundations of our nation. This is not mere speculation; this is a reality that is unfolding in real-time, a reality that we can no longer afford to ignore. The stakes are higher than ever, and the enemy is not just at our gates; they are within our walls.

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But the resistance is growing. Over 700,000 truckers, forming vibrant caravans, are en route to join this historic stand-off. Their mission? To combat the illegal and unconstitutional acts that threaten to erode our national sovereignty. They are the vanguard in a fight against a sinister plot to break down US borders, a plot masterminded by the Davos/UN agenda. The evidence is overwhelming, and the implications are chilling.

The CCP, CIA, and Mexican cartels are implicated in a nefarious bioweapon operation, flooding our streets with lethal fentanyl, laced with tranquilizers, in a bid to weaken and control the populace. The horrors of human trafficking and the plight of over 85,000 missing children in the past two years lay bare the grim reality of a government that has turned a blind eye to the suffering of its most vulnerable.

This battle, however, is not confined to the borders of Texas. It is a nationwide uprising, with over half of America’s governors joining forces against the foreign influence that has seeped into the Biden administration. From Germany to New Zealand, voices of support are rising, echoing the call for freedom and justice.

At the forefront of this battle are the Army Special Forces Green Berets, embodying JFK’s vision of guardians of the people. Led by the indomitable “Doc” Pete Chambers, they stand ready to defend our nation against totalitarian systems, armed with military codes that defy tyrannical control. California and Arizona are witnessing simultaneous operations, as citizens fortify their borders against the relentless agenda of the Davos Group, Obama, CIA, and the Rockefellers.

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The airwaves are alive with the voice of Doc Chambers, exposing the puppeteers behind the scenes – the Davos Group and their elite cohorts. Coordinated military-guided operations are underway in Europe, signaling a global awakening. The time has come for all US citizens to rise, to join local movements, engage in peaceful protests, and stand tall against the web of corruption woven by the WEF, Davos, CIA, and other malevolent forces.

In the face of efforts to incite civil war and racial tensions, we must remain committed to peaceful means. The mainstream media’s attempts to fuel civil strife must not sway us. Our love for peace and freedom must guide our actions as we stand united against globalist tyranny.

This is not just a fight for America; this is a fight for the soul of our world. The battle lines have been drawn, and the enemy is clear. It’s time to take a stand, to be part of this historic movement. The storm is upon us, and we must be ready. For freedom, for truth, for justice – the fight is now!

Ethan White
Ethan White
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