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Bombshell! USDA’s Secret Bioengineering Program is Turning Our Food into Deadly Weapons – Geoengineered Viruses and Diseases as Instruments of Mass Destruction!

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) descent into the abyss of disease weaponization is not just a dereliction of duty; it’s an outright act of treachery against the very people it’s supposed to protect. With revelations of taxpayer dollars fueling a perverse collaboration to make bird flu more deadly, the line between protector and predator blurs. This isn’t just oversight; it’s a calculated maneuver in a game where American lives are disposable pawns.

While the USDA’s mission statement gathers dust, its funds are being siphoned into projects that have nothing to do with nourishment and everything to do with crafting instruments of death. The partnership with Chinese entities, already marred by the specter of COVID-19’s devastation, adds insult to injury. It’s a glaring testament to a government agency playing with fire, where the flames could engulf not just the United States but the world in another pandemic inferno.

This isn’t science; it’s madness—a madness paid for with the hard-earned money of the American populace, who are kept in the dark as their futures are gambled away. The audacity to then mask this insanity under the guise of research is a slap in the face to every principle of safety, ethics, and human decency.

And as if orchestrating potential pandemics wasn’t egregious enough, the USDA’s negligence—or perhaps complicity—in the poisoning of the nation’s food supply with chemicals linked to infertility and delayed puberty is a crime that screams for retribution. The targeting of the most innocent among us, our children, with toxic metals in their food, is an act so vile it defies comprehension. This isn’t just a failure; it’s an assault on the future of humanity itself.

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The justifications offered, hollow and insipid, cannot begin to cover the magnitude of this betrayal. Engaging in ‘gain of function’ research, especially with adversaries, is akin to building a bioweapon with a boomerang effect. It’s not just a scientific blunder; it’s a ticking time bomb with global casualties.

The USDA’s actions transcend negligence; they’re a declaration of war against the very essence of life and liberty. The agency, once a guardian of agriculture and food safety, has morphed into a Frankenstein’s laboratory, where the boundaries of morality are not just crossed but obliterated.

Demanding accountability is no longer enough. There needs to be a seismic shift in how these rogue entities are allowed to operate. The USDA, along with any other agency engaging in this dystopian science fiction, needs to be reined in, if not dismantled, for the safety of all. The public’s patience has run thin, and the time for niceties and diplomatic language is long gone. This is a call to arms, a call to wake up and realize that the enemy isn’t just at the gates; it’s been inside the house all along, funded by our own dollars and shielded by a veil of bureaucratic doublespeak.

What we’re witnessing isn’t merely scientific inquiry gone awry; it’s a full-blown assault on the foundational principles of medical ethics and human rights. The collaboration between international labs, shadowed by the specter of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, isn’t just troubling—it’s a red flag signaling a perilous disregard for the potential fallout of their experiments with avian viruses like H5NX, H7N9, and H9N2. Each of these pathogens carries a history drenched in human suffering, yet here we are, watching as these entities play god with the building blocks of life, backed by the financial might of the USDA.

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Enter Wenju Liu, a character whose ties to the Wuhan lab weave him directly into the fabric of this ominous tapestry. This isn’t just about cross-border scientific collaboration; it’s a testament to how deep the roots of this potentially catastrophic endeavor go, with funding streams that blur the lines between research and recklessness. The stage is set not for breakthroughs but for a bioethical nightmare, where the endgame remains obscured by a veil of secrecy and ambition.

But the rabbit hole goes deeper with the advent of “inhalable” self-spreading vaccines—an innovation that sounds ripped from the pages of a dystopian novel. This isn’t advancement; it’s an abomination, a flagrant violation of the very essence of consent and autonomy. The backing of such projects by federal dollars isn’t just a nod of approval; it’s a complicit gesture towards a future where our bodies are no longer our own, subject to the whims of shadowy figures pulling strings from behind the curtain.

The PREVENT Pandemics Act, slipped into legislation like a thief in the night, isn’t just another law; it’s a trojan horse, ushering in an era where ARPA-H can dictate the direction of health research with the arrogance of those who believe they are untouchable. This isn’t progress; it’s power play, a dangerous game where the stakes include our most fundamental freedoms and where the players seem all too willing to gamble with our lives.

Therapeutic Interfering Particles (TIPs) are the embodiment of this overreach, a so-called solution that reeks of dystopian control. This isn’t treatment; it’s an imposition, a clear signal that the era of informed consent is being bulldozed to make way for a regime where decisions over our health are made in boardrooms and government offices, far removed from the realities of the individuals whose lives will be irrevocably altered.

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This narrative unfolding before our eyes is more than a cautionary tale; it’s a battle cry for all who value their autonomy and the sanctity of individual choice. The collusion between government, industry, and academia to push the boundaries of ethical science into uncharted—and unquestionably dangerous—territory marks a critical juncture. It’s a call to arms, demanding an immediate and unyielding response from every corner of society.

We are not mere spectators in this unfolding drama; we are the frontline. The revelations brought to light by those brave enough to question, to dig deeper, and to expose the underbelly of these operations serve as a stark reminder of the vigilance required to safeguard our rights and freedoms against those who would trade them away in a heartbeat for the promise of power or the allure of the unknown.

The time for complacency has long passed. This is a moment for action, for voices raised in unison to challenge the trajectory of a narrative that threatens to redefine the very nature of freedom, autonomy, and ethical responsibility. The battle lines are drawn not just in the halls of power but within the hearts and minds of every individual who dares to stand against the tide of overreach and authoritarianism masquerading as scientific progress. The question isn’t just about what kind of future we want but whether we’ll have any say in it at all.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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