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Bombshell Report: How 5G Networks and Non-Lethal Weapons Could Be Silently Manipulating Your Every Thought! Are You Safe?

Unraveling the Veil: The Alarming Intersection of Advanced Technologies, Non-Lethal Weaponry, and Potential Misuse in Our Modern Society

In the darkest corners of technology development, there exists a world of non-lethal weaponry. This world invites unsettling advances that enable the control of one’s mind, thoughts, actions, and behaviors. How? Via the use of pulsed high-frequency microwave blasts, electrical transmissions, directed heat, and sound waves.

It’s as if our bodies have become the battlefield of a silent war, waged without our knowledge. These stealthy attacks bypass our regular inhibitors, infiltrating the human body and brain, with the targeted person unaware until they suffer the consequences.

This sinister game has been played for decades, and not just for war purposes.

It’s used to quell protests, silence dissenters, and control unruly crowds.

Are we but pawns in this insidious game?

The Invisible Weaponry

For years, law enforcement has employed non-lethal weapons, such as the Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD).

LRAD blasts sound waves that disorient the intended victims, temporarily halting their actions. This technology serves practical purposes for both military and law enforcement, but its hidden usage is far more disturbing.

In February of 2022, alternative media reported on LRAD’s use during anti-vaccine mandate protests in Canberra. Australian Federal Police admitted using the device during the rally outside Parliament House.

Disturbingly, the aftermath of the rally was a grim testament to LRAD’s potential harm. Social media was awash with images of injuries like heat sores, rashes, and welts, symptoms reminiscent of sunburn and heatstroke, and accounts of temporary and even permanent hearing damage.

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Despite the injuries, officials maintained a dismissive stance, suggesting the LRAD was merely used to broadcast communications.

But was it?

Was this another attempt to whitewash the harmful use of such technologies?

The first official application of LRAD dates back to the year 2000 on the American guided-missile destroyer, USS Cole. Today, it’s a staple weapon used to deal with riots and protests. But its use has raised concerns with human rights groups about volumes of sound over 90 dB, which can damage a person’s hearing.

Its indiscriminate beam can injure anyone in its path, including innocent bystanders and children.

Further, there is the Active Denial System (ADS), which uses invisible microwave beams causing incredible pain by burning the skin, even at a distance. Developed by the US Air Force and built by Raytheon Technologies, ADS produces millimeter-wavelength bursts of energy, capable of penetrating 1/64 inch into human skin.

The burning sensation is strong enough to stop a person from whatever they are doing. No human can withstand the beam for more than just a few seconds.

The New Wave of Warfare: Directed Energy Weapons

Enter the world of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). DEWs employ any form of directed energy, be it light, sound, heat, electrical, or kinetic, at a specific target or person.

The Russian LIDA Machine, for example, uses EM pulses to exhaust or induce sleep deprivation in a target.

These symptoms of a directed energy weapon attack include sudden waking at the same time at night, hot stinging or needling sensations deep within the flesh, vibration of muscles and body parts, and sudden, extreme fatigue.

Perhaps one of the most controversial instances of alleged DEW use is the Havana Syndrome. In December 2016, US diplomats and CIA officials in Havana reported mysterious symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, cognitive impairment, vision loss, and more.

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Could this be a case of DEW usage or just to manipulate minds?

A growing number of people have begun to question what they can’t see: the invisible waves that are beginning to control our world and us.

As the 5G networks rise, so too do the questions:

Who really controls these towers?

What are they capable of?

Consider the deployment of directed energy weapons, for instance. They have the ability to cause physical harm to individuals or groups without leaving any physical evidence. Sound, heat, microwaves – all invisible to the naked eye, yet potent enough to cause widespread physical and psychological harm.

The Darker Side of 5G

5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology.

Its promises of lightning-fast connectivity and its potential to usher in the era of Internet of Things (IoT) have been heralded far and wide. But beneath the gloss of these promises lurks an unsettling reality.

The sheer density of 5G towers and antennas needed to sustain this network has raised eyebrows and concerns among many, especially given that these towers were aggressively installed during the global lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Were these installations merely a case of taking advantage of a unique situation to further the technological agenda, or is there something more insidious at play?

Could these towers be a part of an advanced microwave energy grid with the capability to influence human behavior and health?

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The truth, as they say, is often stranger than fiction. Dr. Robert O. Young, a clinical scientist and researcher, warned about the potential misuse of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) devices. In his own words, these devices are essentially a form of “bullying and intimidation… designed to humiliate, shame and even kill.

The United Nations General Assembly considered a draft proposal by the Soviet Union back in 1975 to prohibit the development and manufacture of new types of weapons of mass destruction. The list included electromagnetic weapons that could have injurious effects on human organs. But this draft was met with silence from Western nations.

Today, the silence continues, even as advanced technologies such as directed energy weapons (DEWs) become more prevalent.

These weapons, capable of affecting biological targets using light, sound, heat, and electrical or kinetic energy, pose a serious threat not just to individuals, but to humanity at large.

Psyops – The Silent Weapons

The military’s use of psychological operations weaponry, or psyops, provides a chilling glimpse into what the future might hold. In the Gulf War, psyops were reportedly used to broadcast “subliminal, mind-altering technology” on standard radiofrequency broadcasts.

The potential for misuse of such technologies in our increasingly connected world is immense. Today, the invisible weapons of sound, heat, and frequency are being used to control and manipulate not just enemy troops on a battlefield, but also ordinary citizens voicing their dissent against governments and corporations.

The potential misuse of non-lethal weaponry and advanced technologies such as 5G is a significant concern that must not be ignored.

It is essential to remain informed and vigilant, advocating for transparency, regulation, and accountability.

The invisible has indeed become a potent weapon, but our collective awareness and action can ensure that these technologies are harnessed for the greater good, not as tools of manipulation or control.

Technology, in the end, should be our servant, not our master.

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