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BOMBSHELL!! Julian Assange’s Body Double Assassinated in London Jail, White Hats’ Secret Killswitches, Military Bunkers, Pizzagate, and the Bush, Clinton, CIA Involvement in 9/11 Uncovered!

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The body double of Julian Assange was killed in a London jail in 2020, and another was promptly installed. This is no coincidence or bureaucratic error; it’s a calculated move orchestrated by powerful, unseen forces. The real Julian Assange has been under military protection, concealed from the public eye, and the truth about his situation unveils a labyrinth of deception and high-stakes subterfuge.

The narrative is far more complex. Recall when Mike Pompeo, then CIA director, openly declared his intent to eliminate Assange? Reports emerged about the U.S. government’s plot to assassinate Assange, and these weren’t mere fabrications. The CIA indeed went after him, successfully eliminating a body double in 2020.

Yet, the plot thickened as another double was placed by white hats in a daring move to mock the CIA and the deep state. Behind this act was Trump and his global network, financing Assange’s defense, with Trump himself wiring funds.

Throughout this entire period, Assange has been safely hidden under protective custody. Two months ago, I urged you to keep an eye on Assange because the white hats were preparing to free him.


Because they possess the Assange killswitch – an immense repository of data tied to Hillary Clinton, pizzagate, pedophile networks linked to Epstein and elites like P. Diddy, and Hollywood. This data, buried deep within unopened email accounts and locked chambers of the dark web, includes authentic software and servers of WikiLeaks, safeguarded in covert locations.

Now, white hats and military intelligence command these servers, software, and the Assange Internet killswitch programs. They’ve concluded their investigations and sealed indictments concerning all the information WikiLeaks had secured in these killswitch operations.

The Pentagon, CIA, deep state military intelligence, and Washington D.C. elites are in a state of utter panic as the real Assange prepares to reemerge. Eliminating him is futile now because the military holds all the data, servers, and killswitch keys.

The corrupt three-letter agencies and deep state military leaders are in disarray because the killswitch contains keys to the true events of 9/11, with documents, emails, and phone calls implicating Bush, Cheney, Clinton, the CIA, and DARPA in the 9/11 attacks.

A crucial part of the effort to dismantle Assange was to obscure the adrenochrome trade linked to the Clintons, human trafficking, John Podesta’s pedophile networks, Epstein, Hollywood, P. Diddy, and top elites in the music industry.

Now, as the real Assange is returning, the panic is palpable. The Rockefellers, the Carnegie Endowment (CIA operators), and elites are frantically attempting to legislate new laws to silence whistleblowers and suppress any accusations against the CIA and Pentagon for corruption linked to human trafficking, illicit operations, and defamatory allegations.

Currently, Democrats are drafting a bill to halt whistleblowers or exposure of Podesta and Clinton’s connections to pedophile networks and trafficking torture rituals, including adrenochrome.

Remember, I told you this was coming back. Trump also aimed to expose Anthony Weiner, and all this connects to Assange and military operations. This is why there’s total panic within Hollywood and the top echelons of the music industry.

Cheyenne Mountain is bustling with USSF and the Assange killswitch keys, while simultaneously, the U.S. military is covertly training Mexican nationals in the Colorado mountains, within vast underground bunkers near Cheyenne Mountain.

The reason white hats are clandestinely training tens of thousands of Mexicans for combat is because they are being transported back to Mexico via underground Maglev trains. Panic has spread among patriot communities that Cheyenne Mountain has been overrun by cartels and Mexicans.

The truth is that white hats are preparing tens of thousands of Mexicans for a revolution to overthrow the Mexican government, which has been under CIA control for over half a century.

The layers of deceit, the extent of manipulation, and the stakes in this game exceed what the public has been led to believe. Assange’s true story, the data he possesses, and the actors involved paint a picture of a world where power and information dictate lives. As the truth gradually surfaces, the public will witness the extraordinary lengths those in power will go to maintain control, and the relentless efforts of those who dare to expose them.

The deeper story involves intricate layers of global manipulation. Consider the hidden underground networks in place – vast maglev trains running between secret military installations, transporting key personnel and resources at lightning speeds. These trains are not just urban legends; they are real and operational, part of a covert infrastructure designed to keep the elite’s plans under wraps.

The white hats’ training of Mexican nationals isn’t just for show; it’s part of a broader strategy to destabilize the entrenched CIA-backed Mexican government. These trainees are being prepped for a coordinated uprising, a revolution that will shake the very foundations of power in Mexico, and by extension, disrupt the CIA’s grip on the region.

This revolutionary army is not just about reclaiming Mexico, but about sending a clear message to the deep state that their reign of terror and control is crumbling.

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Inside the U.S., the panic isn’t limited to Washington D.C. The elites are terrified of the fallout from the Assange data dumps. Imagine the chaos that will ensue when terabytes of damning evidence are made public – implicating everyone from high-profile politicians to beloved celebrities.

This is why there is a rush to legislate gag orders and whistleblower suppression bills. The fear is tangible; they know their secrets are on the verge of being exposed, and they are scrambling to contain the impending explosion.

The internet itself has become a battleground. Dark web operatives and cyber warriors are engaged in a silent war, safeguarding the Assange data while fending off relentless cyber attacks from the deep state. These digital soldiers are the unsung heroes, ensuring that the truth remains secure until the moment of revelation.

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Meanwhile, deep within the Colorado mountains, the real Assange continues to orchestrate his moves, surrounded by a tight-knit circle of military intelligence and white hat operatives. These individuals are preparing for the day when Assange will emerge, not just as a whistleblower, but as a symbol of the fight against global tyranny.

The world is watching, and when the time comes, the floodgates will open, unleashing a torrent of truth that will drown the deceit of the powerful.

The stakes are high, the players are many, and the truth is stranger than fiction. This is not a mere conspiracy; this is the reality unfolding before our eyes.

The return of Julian Assange is imminent, and with it, the unraveling of a web of lies that has held the world in its grip for far too long.

The revolution is coming, and nothing will stop the tide of truth from washing away the corruption and restoring justice to the world.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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