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Bill Gates and Rockefellers: The Shocking Web of Influence That Shaped Politics, Medicine, and Global Economies for Over a Century!

In an age where global pandemonium persists, the whispers of an evolving new world order become increasingly loud. The echoes of “build back better” from the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ era have sparked questions about who’s really pulling the strings. Let’s unpack the chilling trail that leads us to the few who have operated behind the scenes for generations.

The narrative of the imminent “Great Reset,” championed by our world’s leaders, is far from an isolated brainwave. Instead, it’s merely the latest act in a performance that began much earlier, rooted deeply within the annals of time.

Enter Ivor Cummins, a biochemical engineer, and Jacob Nordangard, a Swedish researcher. Their conversation, laid out in an insightful video below, unveils how the Rockefeller dynasty, particularly through “Rockefeller: Controlling the Game,” strategically manipulated societal pillars from medicine to politics, utilizing intricate propaganda.

The agenda? Molding the globe’s economy, culture, and governments into a cohesive regime, with the Rockefellers and their elite allies steering the ship. This influential family has been maneuvering the global chessboard since the 19th century, their intent clear – dominance.

By 1870, John D. Rockefeller had already sown the seeds of what would become the most powerful oil conglomerate in history – Standard Oil Corporation. Though the monopoly was later disbanded, the remnants metamorphosed into giants such as Exxon, Chevron, and Mobil.

In a masterstroke of genius, Rockefeller dabbled in philanthropy, not purely for altruistic causes, but as a tool to shield his wealth and mold society in his favor. By establishing institutions like the University of Chicago and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, he gained the ability to shape narratives, steering them towards his goals.

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Consider this: Rockefeller’s venture into medical philanthropy eventually led to the sidelining of alternative healing forms, putting the spotlight squarely on pharmaceuticals. This crusade against holistic approaches resulted in mass closures of medical institutions and the sidelining of holistic practitioners.

Few realize the reach of this dynasty; the Rockefeller Foundation can be seen as the bedrock upon which the World Health Organization was built. Not only that, their influence paved the path for the transition from the League of Nations to the United Nations.

The Manipulators of Our Destiny

Fast forward to the 1940s: the Rockefeller Brothers Fund emerges as the voice for the next generation of Rockefellers. Their vision? A world sculpted in their design, using economic, political, and spiritual tools. They perceived institutions like the United Nations as private playgrounds, with each grandson carving their niche. Nelson, for instance, rose to the vice-presidency, while David took the reins of Chase Manhattan Bank.

The strategy remained consistent: influence public sentiment using philanthropy as the facade, and when required, reshape truths to echo their objectives.

But let’s pause for a moment: Do the tactics sound eerily familiar? One can’t help but draw parallels to modern moguls like Bill Gates, who similarly utilized philanthropy to both rebuild their image and further personal objectives.

To successfully introduce a global order, there’s a need for issues that transcend borders. The Rockefellers sought such problems, seizing on ‘pandemics‘, oceanography, and meteorology. According to Cummins, such issues are the ideal vehicles for “a global fear narrative.

Echoing this, Nick Hudson, from pandemic’s Data & Analysis, suggests that when a ‘global issue‘ emerges, calling for unified global action, often leading to the empowerment of international organizations, it warrants scrutiny.

A common theme underlying many New World Order strategies is the green initiative, which gained prominence after the establishment of Agenda 21. While preserving the environment and combating climate change are noble goals, skeptics worry about the potentially sinister ways these goals could be implemented.

Take the Green New Deal for instance. On the surface, it appears as an ambitious plan to tackle climate change and ensure economic stability for all. But some believe it may be a tool for advancing a globalist agenda that prioritizes control over genuine environmental and social reform.

The Role of Technology

The technological revolution has enabled many of the global monitoring and control mechanisms that have been theorized for years. Facial recognition, AI monitoring, and digital currency are all tools that could, in the wrong hands, lead to a dystopian world order where personal freedom is curtailed in the name of “greater good.

In 2020, the adoption of 5G networks and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) further expanded the potential for global surveillance.The push for “smart cities,” while beneficial for improving urban efficiency and sustainability, also poses risks related to privacy and autonomy.

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Amidst the overwhelming influence of these powerful entities, there is a growing resistance. Across the world, communities, activists, and even some nations are challenging the overreach of global organizations and multinational corporations. They’re fighting for the preservation of national identity and individual rights.

Whistleblowers, like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, have exposed some of the secrets and mechanisms of global surveillance, earning both acclaim and condemnation. Their revelations offer a window into the clandestine operations that can shape global politics and influence personal freedoms.

In the interconnected world of the 21st century, it’s impossible to deny the influence and reach of global organizations. However, it’s essential to differentiate between genuine efforts for global improvement and potential overreaches that may impede personal freedoms and national sovereignties.

As the narrative unfolds, one thing is certain: the world is on the cusp of significant change, and it’s up to the people to decide its direction. As history has shown, when people come together with determination and a clear vision, they can challenge any power and shape their own destiny.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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