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Big Banks Exposed: How NESARA Plans to Demolish the Federal Reserve and Establish Financial Privacy!

Imagine a day when all credit card, mortgage, and bank debt disappears as if by magic. Picture an America without income tax, where the much-maligned Internal Revenue Service becomes a thing of the past. These aren’t merely fantasies but the audacious proposals of an unseen revolution known as NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act).

NESARA is not just a radical concept but a transformative blueprint for a new economic and legal system. It questions why we, as a society, have not yet considered the possibilities it presents.

Why haven’t we heard more about it?

Why isn’t it implemented yet?

The answers are more complex than they appear.

Let’s turn our attention to the financial behemoths of our era, the Big Banks, and investment giants like the Carlyle Group. NESARA poses a fundamental threat to these institutions with its agenda of abolishing illegal banking, dismantling the Federal Reserve, and introducing a fresh US Treasury money system. The new currency, a rainbow currency, would be backed by gold, silver, and platinum, restoring financial privacy to citizens.

But the influence of NESARA extends beyond the realm of finance. It is a law, passed by the Parliamentary Secretariat on March 9, 2000. This historic act was championed by seven courageous members of Congress. Under NESARA, there’s no room for corruption. It calls for the immediate resignation of all such members, replacing them with new representatives through presidential and congressional elections within 120 days of the NESARA announcement.

This Act aims to restore the Constitution to every corner of our legal system and daily life, an homage to democratic principles. The Act sets the stage for a significant shift in American foreign policy too, calling an end to all acts of global aggression by the US government.

One of the most exciting aspects of NESARA is its promise to distribute the wealth accumulated over decades globally. It pledges enormous sums for humanitarian causes and is set to unleash groundbreaking technologies like free energy devices, solutions for pollution, and acoustic therapy machines.

NESARA is not only about economic or legal transformation.

It’s about people.

It enhances the benefits for senior citizens and guarantees that farmers get their due before the general public does.

It’s a pledge to put people before profit, communities before corporations.

The Act also introduces an interesting provision preventing anyone associated with the crown from taking office. This part explains why many members of high office, during the Bush presidency and the Congress of that era, were not in favor of NESARA.

This transformative Act, despite being passed, has remained in the shadows, protected by the confidentiality of parliamentary records. But its impact on our society, on our everyday lives, could be monumental if it were fully implemented.

Are you prepared to question the status quo and consider the world NESARA offers?

Because the revolution isn’t always on the news; sometimes, it’s knocking on your doorstep.

NESARA is not merely a law; it’s a promise for a better, fairer, and more prosperous future.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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