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Biden’s Masterplan Revealed: His Secret Troop Mobilization Poses as the First Step to Sparking World War III

Dark clouds gather once more over the fields of Europe, as the colossal wheel of power spins yet again. A week ago, under the shroud of a seemingly innocuous executive order, President Biden unleashed an enigmatic declaration authorizing the Pentagon to mobilize up to 3,000 reserve troops.

And for what, one might ask?

This declaration is meant to bolster Operation Atlantic Resolve, a strategic military campaign conceived in the aftermath of Russia’s contentious annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Ah, but let’s not be hasty in connecting the dots just yet. Here’s a caveat: no American boots are marching on Ukrainian soil as of this writing. A fascinating tidbit of information, especially as Ukraine continues to weather the tempest of Russian aggression.

Last year, a massive exodus of troops departed American soil for European shores, all in response to Russia’s brazen invasion of Ukraine. The silent gears within the Pentagon remain mum on whether Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will beckon the reservists to march forth in the imminent future. However, the audacious chess move on the geopolitical board implies a concerning strain on the existing active duty forces stationed in Europe.

Let’s meander back in time to President Biden’s European grand tour, marked by notable stopovers in Finland, Lithuania, and the U.K. This wasn’t just a cordial visit – it was a flex of international solidarity against the backdrop of the Ukraine debacle.

However, for all the posturing and platitudes, Ukraine’s aspirations to secure a golden ticket into NATO remained a mirage. Nevertheless, Biden extended a branch of reassurance, promising unyielding support for Ukraine’s enduring security – sans official NATO endorsement.

An intriguing declaration arose from the NATO summit in Lithuania, where allies pledged to rally an imposing battalion of 300,000 troops ready for swift deployment within a month.

With this executive order, the Homeland Security and Defense Secretaries now hold the power to summon active duty units and select reserve members into service. Joint Staff Director of Operations, Army Lieutenant General Douglas A. Sims II, reemphasized this order as a steadfast testament of commitment to safeguard NATO’s eastern flank against Russia’s unsanctioned and brash war on Ukraine.

By crowning Operation Atlantic Resolve a contingency operation, the Pentagon has gained the leverage to awaken its slumbering reserves, arming them with requisite ammunition. Along with this, comes the promise of pay parity with active duty forces.

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However, the order has its constraints – it allows a maximum of 3,000 activated members at once, and only a trifling 450 can hail from the Individual Ready Reserve.

In parallel, NATO leaders are fueling Ukraine’s armory with powerful weaponry. France chips in with long-range missiles, while the U.S. showers them with cluster munitions.

Back in Finland, Biden articulated a staunch conviction that Putin is on a downward trajectory in this conflict. But critics rail against the president, suggesting his maneuvers may trigger the alarm bells of World War III.

It seems the world stage is set for an elaborate game of political chess, with power moves, false fronts, and high stakes.

And while the world watches, the questions linger – who will make the next move?

What unseen consequences will it precipitate?

Only time will reveal the hidden truths behind this clandestine dance of power.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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