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Biden’s Border Blunder: How a Chinese Cyber Police Operation is Exploiting America’s Weak Defenses to Flood the U.S. with Military-Aged Migrants

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Wake up, America! While your attention was diverted, a silent invasion has been brewing under the very noses of our so-called protectors in Washington. The Daily Caller News Foundation has ripped the lid off a scandalous operation: a private social network orchestrated by a self-proclaimed agent of the Chinese government, directing an army of Chinese nationals straight into the heart of the U.S.

March 2024 saw an explosion in the number of military-aged Chinese men illegally pouring into America—an 8,500% increase from March 2021. What’s happening here isn’t immigration; it’s an infiltration, a strategic assault on American soil orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The operation’s nerve center? The innocuously named American Self-Guided Tour Channel on Telegram, which boasts over 8,000 members. This isn’t some expat community group—it’s a tactical guidebook for sneaking across the U.S. border. This channel hands out U.S. border wall vulnerabilities like candy, scripts how to dupe Border Patrol, and teaches ways to manipulate asylum processes. And who runs this channel? A CCP shill masquerading as a mere ‘Cyber Police’ officer, pushing CCP propaganda, and squashing any dissent.

Inside the Military Operation Destroying the Globalist Agenda!

Let’s cut through the bull: the Biden administration, puppeteered by media cronies, is peddling a narrative of border control that’s so flimsy it’s laughable. Liberal media lapdogs at Politico and elsewhere hail Biden’s phantom crackdowns on asylum claims as if he’s accomplished something monumental. It’s all a grotesque charade aimed at placating a rightfully anxious public, as America’s border leaks more than a sieve.

Let’s talk numbers—undeniable evidence of this administration’s farce. Even the left’s beloved news sources like CBS and NBC can’t hide the dismal truth that thousands continue to stream across the border daily, despite so-called stringent measures. Biden’s hollow promises are as empty as the desert landscapes these invaders traverse.

And just when you thought this debacle couldn’t get more outrageous, the New York Post delivers a slap in the face to Biden’s fairy tales. Their videos show hundreds of migrants, including large groups from China and Turkey, swarming over the border unchecked. These aren’t weary families seeking refuge; these are potential pawns in a geopolitical game, an army in waiting.

What’s truly at stake? More than just illegal crossings; it’s the potential for CCP-directed cells across our nation, sleeper agents ready to act on command, aiming to dismantle our society from within.

This invasion is an unforgivable breach of trust and national security by the Biden administration. They’re not just failing to protect our borders; they’re handing them over on a silver platter. Polls show that Americans, regardless of political allegiance, are sick of this charade. They’re crying out for actual security, for real action against this mockery of our sovereignty.

Trump’s Strike Force: Building a Dominant Team to Smash the Election and Restore America

The Biden regime’s willful negligence is a ticking time bomb. Every unchecked entry is a potential threat, every ignored protocol a step closer to chaos. We are beyond the point of polite discussion and empty legislative gestures. This is about the survival of our nation, the protection of our homes, and the future of our children.

It’s high time to ditch the blinders, to stop swallowing the tranquilizing lies of the mainstream media. The integrity of our borders, the safety of our citizens, and the very essence of our national sovereignty are at stake. We must demand, not ask, demand that our leaders secure our nation. If not, we might as well hand the keys to our country over to Beijing.

Enough is enough. This isn’t just a breach; it’s an all-out invasion. And if we stand idly by, we’re complicit in the erosion of our own country. Wake up, get angry, and demand action. Our future depends on it.

Helena Carey
Helena Carey
Helena Carey is a seasoned news author renowned for her engaging storytelling and insightful analysis. With a decade of journalism experience, she's a trusted voice in the ever-evolving news landscape.

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