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Biden’s Act of War Unleashed: Exposing the Nord Stream Pipeline Incident, Its Sinister Underpinnings, and the Imminent Threat It Poses to the Survival of the EU and NATO Alliance!

The Nord Stream Pipeline Fiasco: Unraveling a Tangled Web of Political Deceit, International Power Struggles, and a Crisis Within the Atlantic Alliance

An air of mystery surrounds the Nord Stream pipeline incident. It’s a tale that continues to generate heated debates among international circles. It concerns a pipeline that runs beneath the territorial waters of four European Union member states and the shocking revelations that have since emerged concerning its targeted destruction.

However, as Professor Michel Chossudovsky indicates, the Nord Stream operation was anything but clandestine. According to international law, the intentional destruction of property within a nation’s territorial waters by a foreign state actor is classified as an act of war.

With this in mind, the unfolding drama around the Nord Stream pipeline incident is an alarming wake-up call to the world.

Unveiling the Truth about the Nord Stream Operation

On February 7, 2022, the White House held a press conference that would become a catalyst for the ensuing controversy. The US President and Germany’s Chancellor publicly expressed their intention to annihilate the Nord Stream pipeline, contingent upon Russian military encroachment into Ukraine.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during his official visit to the United States, unabashedly supported President Biden’s aggressive stance. This endorsement was not taken lightly, as the ramifications of this act of sabotage would affect over 400 million Europeans.

The truth was clear as day. Chancellor Scholz was keenly aware of the premeditated plans by the US Administration to disrupt the Nord Stream pipeline.

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Decoding the Press Conference: A Mosaic of Hidden Intentions

The transcript of the February 7 press conference offers insight into the intricate web of political maneuvering. President Biden’s statements were unequivocal: the Nord Stream 2 project would cease to exist if Russia dared to invade Ukraine.

His promise to bring an end to the project was met with probing questions about how the US intended to do so, given that Germany primarily controlled the project.

Chancellor Scholz, on his part, dodged the crux of the question from a Reuters journalist about the project being within Germany’s control. Instead, he solidified his commitment to stand united with the US, promising a robust response towards Russia.

The Fallout of the Press Conference: An Act of Treason?

Chancellor Scholz’s public endorsement of President Biden’s intention to obliterate the Nord Stream pipeline raises several concerns. It appears to be a clear act of treason by the German Chancellor, a sentiment further amplified by the support of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

This raises questions about the transparency of the German and EU governments, particularly given that Scholz’s statements confirmed the decision was jointly taken.

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The Legal Implications: A Call for Justice

In light of the above, the International Criminal Court (ICC) should ideally address the matter. The Nord Stream pipelines, having been the focus of the attack, are situated within the territorial jurisdiction of four EU member states. The calculated destruction of such properties, according to international law, constitutes an act of war.

Despite the clear-cut violation of international law, the ICC and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) have yet to affirm that the act was indeed, an act of war. This raises questions about the credibility and impartiality of these judicial bodies.

The incident paints a picture of the United States, a NATO member, sabotaging its European allies, most of whom are also NATO member states. This situation presents a paradox, as it contradicts the essence of Article 5 of the Atlantic Alliance’s Washington Treaty.

The principle of collective security, foundational to NATO, is at stake here. A precedent has been set, with a NATO member state waging war against a collective of NATO states.


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