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Betrayed by Progress? The Hidden Agenda of Globalism and Its Chilling Impact on Our Daily Lives

Amidst the turmoil of a rapidly changing global landscape, we find ourselves grappling with a profound dilemma: confronting the deep-seated sense of isolation engulfing a generation and bridging the widening divides in our society. This article ventures into the stark realities shaped by globalization, aiming to uncover the vital paths to healing and reconstructing our communities and nations in an era fraught with challenges.

Recent studies raise an alarming signal: “one in four young people in the world feel lonely today.” In a different but equally alarming context, a report shows that an overwhelming 72% of Americans are unwilling to defend the United States in a major conflict. These figures reveal a disturbing picture: a quarter of the young people who will form the next generation of leaders are overwhelmed by depressive states, while the majority of citizens from a powerful and influential nation refuse to fight for the values they represent.

This situation should be a wake-up call for the world’s elites, hidden behind the walls of the World Economic Forum or the World Health Organization. All over the world, regardless of the level of wealth or poverty, there is a palpable human suffering crying out for attention and action.

Looking back, it is time to ask: have international institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations or private central banks truly contributed to improving human happiness? Has the UN, the successor to the League of Nations, managed to fulfill its mission of building a better world? Or, after a century in which these entities have taken control of global affairs, is it possible to conclude that their excessive intervention has caused more wars and economic crises than it has prevented?

A worrying trend is observed: while global institutions expand their domination, people seem to lose their identity and personal autonomy. Essential values, such as personal struggle, religion, community, and family, are replaced by unconditional submission to internationally imposed rules. The sanctity of the family is undermined in favor of a global agenda that promotes an atheist vision and a drastic reduction in population.

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In this era, culture, family, faith, and devotion to traditional values are more important than ever. They represent the foundation for building resilient communities that can stand up to the challenges posed by a globalized world. The UN and its related organizations, instead of uniting, seem to demolish cultural ties, thus eroding the foundation of civilization and stifling humanity’s potential for happiness.

A wave of globalist ideologies has infected modern societies, but how deep has this “cancer of human meaninglessness” penetrated? A controversial example comes from Canada, where the Human Rights Commission has labeled the celebration of Christmas as perpetuating “colonial” oppression and “intolerance.” In the USA, a worrying trend is observed, with young people influenced to admire extremist figures, reflecting a loss of historical and moral consciousness.

Michael Hayden, former CIA director, provocatively compared Second Amendment supporters with extremists, reflecting an extreme polarization in society. These symptoms indicate an urgent need for change in the West and the USA.

Globalism, the philosophy that a small group of elites can govern better than local citizens, implements a controversial vision. It argues that decisions about the daily life of an electrician in Verona or a winemaker in Sopron should be taken from Brussels, Geneva, or New York.

Recently, the UN Conference on Climate Change in Dubai decided how much energy people should be allowed to use to heat their homes or run their businesses. Such decisions have a direct impact on the everyday life of ordinary people, like a fisherman in South Africa, affected by UN regulations.

“Saving the planet” has turned into a massive industry. Behind every new global directive are international oligarchs increasing their wealth, while ordinary people bear the costs of these policies.

In the end, globalism aspires to create a planetary system of vassalage, where cultural traditions, historical customs, religious beliefs, and national sovereignties are all subordinated to the all-powerful dominion of an insular ruling elite. This new form of imperialism masquerades under the guise of “political correctness,” while building the most sinister empire the world has ever seen.

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In the last century, we have witnessed a form of forced internationalism, where power was concentrated in the hands of a small group of corporate oligarchs and central banking institutions. They took global control, promising peace and prosperity. But the result? A world more dissatisfied than ever. It has become evident that being a mere pawn in the globalists’ game has only stolen our desire to truly live.

In this abyss of meaninglessness, however, I see a unique opportunity to overturn this harmful order and build a world crying out for help. Inspired by Christian teachings, I believe that true healing comes not for the healthy, but for the sick; not for the righteous, but for sinners.

Today, globalists with Marxist ideologies have plunged the world into a swamp of misery. Their efforts to demolish traditional culture, the institution of marriage, the family structure, national sovereignty, and faith in God have brought only pain and suffering. Our world is sick and in need of deep spiritual healing. Those who have their eyes open to this reality and have chosen to follow the divine path will find themselves surrounded by souls seeking salvation.

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Ethan White
Ethan White
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