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Becoming a Product of Synthetic Biology: The Nightmare We Live In! Discover How Big Pharma Could be Turning Us into Their Property!

Welcome to the great unveiling, dear reader. Are you truly human, or are you slowly turning into a corporation’s property, a product of synthetic biology — a SynBio entity? A bitter struggle is underway, concealed beneath the thick veil of public discourse. It’s time to tear it down.

This is not an episode of Black Mirror, nor a dystopian novel. This is the very reality we breathe in, choked by the invisible ties of mRNA injections that promise immunity but might be delivering enslavement. The nefarious logic is as follows: inject gene-altering technology into a person, permanently tweak their chromosomes, and Voila! You’ve got a semi-synthetic organism.

Now, the question that hangs heavy in the air: Can this transformed entity be claimed as intellectual property, under existing US laws and precedents? Shocking as it may be, the possibility exists, and you might end up a slave to a faceless corporation.

This issue forms the crux of a fierce legal war. Attorney Todd Callender is the modern-day David battling the Goliath of big pharma, safeguarding the sacred principle of self-ownership — the cornerstone of freedom. His fight, my friends, is ours.

In a chilling interview with Todd Callender, he pulls back the curtain on horrifying truths surrounding the covid jab, our genetic future, and the ‘borgification‘ of humanity.

To the uninitiated, ‘borgification’ may sound like sci-fi mumbo jumbo. But dig deeper and the reality is frighteningly tangible. It denotes the gradual transformation of the human body into a semi-robotic host for a SynBio nanoscale computational cloud. Cellular takeover is no longer a distant possibility, it’s happening now, and you might be the next victim.

Shivers ran down my spine when I first heard about Robert v. Austin. The case, which takes on the Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, and Department of Defense, is the battleground for the fight against vaccine mandates.

What’s at stake?

No less than the question of whether the vaccinated become property of the pharmaceutical cartels.

Yet, amidst the horror, a glimmer of hope remains. The 10th circuit hearing in Colorado, and the Truth for Health Foundation, are beacons of resistance in this brutal war against global transhumanism.

Simultaneously, the world is in chaos. Liz Truss’s iPhone, reportedly hacked by Russian-affiliated hackers, exposes a collusion plot against Nord Stream. The Democrats, the same ones who never apologized for the havoc caused by lockdowns and vaccines, demand amnesty for the peddlers of COVID propaganda.

Resistance is brewing in Europe. Mass uprisings are unfolding across France, Belgium, Hungary, Germany — a testament to human spirit refusing to be shackled.

In this time of escalating crisis, where gene deletion effects, nanolipids, luciferase, and cesium 137 (a cellular potentiator) are no longer topics limited to lab-coated scientists, knowledge is power. Knowing how to remove radioactive cesium-137 from your body or understanding what Prussian Blue is, could be crucial for your survival.

So, here’s the truth, dear reader.

This isn’t just a war for health; it’s a war for humanity.

Our bodies are our last frontier, our final bastion of freedom.

We will not stand to become the borg, the property of big pharma, or fall prey to external frequency activation of self-assembled nanocircuits.

As our world trembles on the precipice, remember: the human spirit is indomitable.

It’s time we break the chains and reclaim what is rightfully ours: our bodies, our freedom, our humanity.

Ethan White
Ethan White
A fearless truth-seeker and writer, as he uncovers untold stories with his sharp insights and unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. Embark on a journey of enlightenment with Ethan's thought-provoking articles today.

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