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Pentagon’s Secret Genocide Program—Vaccines as Weapons in a Global Domination Plot!

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In a chilling revelation, Reuters has unearthed a shocking story of deceit and manipulation orchestrated by the very entity meant to protect us. The Pentagon, operating from trailers and squat buildings at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, launched a covert psychological warfare campaign to discredit the Chinese-made Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine in the Philippines.

This operation was a ruthless maneuver to undermine China’s influence while pushing their own citizens towards potentially dangerous alternatives, all under the pretext of fighting misinformation.

Psychological Warfare: A Sinister Strategy

The Pentagon’s campaign was a masterclass in psychological manipulation. Under the guise of countering China’s growing influence, operatives used fake internet personas to incite fear and distrust towards Sinovac, the first available COVID-19 vaccine in the Philippines. This was not a mission to protect but to deceive, transforming an already skeptical public into outright vaccine opponents.

From the shadows of MacDill Air Force Base, U.S. military personnel and contractors leveraged anonymous accounts on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook. These covert agents, described by Reuters as part of the Department of Defense’s “clandestine propaganda factory,” were employed by contractors like General Dynamics IT. Despite their efforts to remain hidden, their digital footprints exposed the extent of their insidious activities.

The Pentagon’s Toxic Tweets

These digital operatives flooded social media with venomous messages designed to undermine trust in the Sinovac vaccine and other COVID-19 measures. Here are just a few examples of their toxic propaganda:

  • “COVID came from China and the VACCINE also came from China, don’t trust China!”
  • “From China — PPE, Face Mask, Vaccine: FAKE. But the Coronavirus is real.”
  • “Can you trust China, which tries to hide that its vaccine contains pork gelatin and distributes it in Central Asia and other Muslim countries where many people consider such a drug haram?”

These fake accounts amassed tens of thousands of followers, deepening vaccine skepticism in the Philippines. Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte, grappling with rampant vaccine hesitancy, threatened to jail the unvaccinated and secured priority access to Sinovac, desperately trying to manage the public’s growing mistrust.

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The Pentagon’s Double Game: Protecting Filipinos, Sacrificing Americans

While the Pentagon warned Filipinos about the dangers of Sinovac under the pretense of protecting them, it did not extend the same warnings to Americans. The reason? A calculated, cold-blooded agenda.

The U.S. government was committed to a scheme that effectively sacrificed its own citizens, pushing them towards untested vaccines while simultaneously silencing dissent and promoting their safety and efficacy. This was not about public health; it was about control, manipulation, and maintaining geopolitical dominance.

Geopolitical Machinations

This operation was part of a broader strategy to counter China’s influence globally. A senior Defense Department official admitted the campaign’s existence, defending it as necessary to combat China’s so-called “disinformation.” The reality? This was a ruthless move to keep Southeast Asian countries from drifting into Beijing’s orbit.

An order signed by then-Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in 2019, alongside a Pentagon spending bill, paved the way for this despicable propaganda campaign. While the U.S. military is technically prohibited from targeting Americans with such operations, there’s a glaring loophole allowing them to wreak havoc abroad, spreading their deceit without consequence.

Domestic Deception and the Genocide Agenda

As the Pentagon manipulated Southeast Asia, U.S. officials aggressively pushed COVID-19 vaccines at home, accusing critics of spreading “misinformation” and urging social media giants to censor dissenting voices. In a chilling display of hypocrisy, the U.S. government imposed draconian vaccine mandates for corporate workers, federal employees, and military personnel.

But here’s the kicker: in 2021, while the Pentagon was ordered to cease anti-vaccine messaging abroad, domestic vaccine skepticism was ruthlessly crushed. Public health experts and media blamed “bots” and figures like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for spreading “lies” about vaccines.

Yet, the Twitter Files and “Facebook Files” revealed a disturbing collaboration between these platforms and the FBI, working together to silence any opposing views.

Big Tech’s Complicity

Facebook executives raised alarms about the Pentagon’s fake accounts spreading COVID misinformation in 2020, but the military defended their tactics, claiming many accounts were used for counterterrorism. Despite promises to stop COVID-related propaganda, some accounts remained active, continuing to spread their poisonous messages well into 2021 as the Biden administration took office.

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Big Tech’s complicity didn’t end there. The “Twitter Files” exposed documents showing these platforms collaborated with the FBI and other agencies to censor COVID-19 counternarratives. A 2022 report by the Stanford Internet Observatory flagged some Pentagon-developed social media accounts as “pro-Western bots,” but this same Observatory, via its Virality Project, worked with Twitter to scrutinize and suppress tweets opposing the official COVID-19 narrative.

Conclusion: The Unvarnished Truth

This is a grim expose of power, manipulation, and control. The Pentagon’s covert campaign against the Sinovac vaccine in the Philippines, while hypocritically promoting vaccines at home, reveals a sinister agenda. Filipinos were “warned” about the vaccine’s dangers, but Americans were left in the dark, victims of a calculated, malevolent plan.

As we peel back the layers of this dark operation, one thing becomes painfully clear: the real pandemic is the epidemic of deceit and manipulation perpetuated by those in power. It’s time to question, to challenge, and to uncover the unfiltered truth behind the sanitized narratives fed to us by those who claim to have our best interests at heart.

Helena Carey
Helena Carey
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