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A New Era of Domination? Global Britain, King Charles III’s Secret Agendas and The Undying British Empire’s wish for the Great Reset.

A potentate was enthroned, with the trappings of ceremony not witnessed in over seven decades.

In a world of escalating theatrics, a bizarre spectacle has captivated the global stage. A potentate was enthroned, with the trappings of ceremony not witnessed in over seven decades. This monarch—King Charles III—now rules over the Global British Commonwealth, the Anglican Church, and, more ominously, an enterprise known as Global Britain.

This political initiative became the Conservative Party’s primary mandate in 2021, signaling an era of global dominance and economic subjugation reminiscent of Britain’s imperial past.

But make no mistake, this isn’t a historical retrospective.

It’s an ongoing conspiracy of global proportions.

The British Empire, infamous for its world-spanning colonies and economic exploitation, continues to manipulate and profit from the developing world, particularly Africa. According to War on Wan’s 2016 report, 101 companies—mostly British—listed on the London Stock Exchange hold mining operations in 37 sub-Saharan African countries. They collectively control over $1 trillion worth of Africa’s most valuable resources.

This is the long arm of Global Britain, stretching across continents and centuries, embedding itself into the vulnerable belly of the world’s most resource-rich region. It’s a pernicious legacy of colonialism, now hidden beneath the corporate façade of British and British Commonwealth-based corporations.

The City: The Underbelly of World Finance

The nerve center of Global Britain, the so-called “square mile,” is The City of London, distinct from London itself. It’s the beating heart of world finance, an omnipotent powerhouse controlling trillions of dollars in money laundering, terrorist financing, and other corrupt practices.

The City’s sovereignty is enshrined in the ancient Magna Carta of 1214. It’s a supranational corporation with a separate police force and judiciary, maintaining its authority through centuries of political upheaval and societal change.

This obscure financial hub has bled nations dry, leaving them impoverished and incapable of industrial growth. It’s a strategic tactic in the divide-to-conquer playbook that has been devastatingly effective throughout history, and continues unabated under the guise of the Anglo-American “special relationship.

Britain’s vast influence isn’t solely financial; it also extends to global intelligence operations. As the creator and central command structure of the Five Eyes intelligence apparatus, Britain provides a safe haven for international terrorist groups. Despite the veneer of tolerant Britain, it’s a breeding ground for extremism.

While covertly nurturing global terrorism, Britain has also shaped political Zionism, crafting the state of Israel itself from the Roundtable/Fabian program known as ‘The Balfour Accords‘. The narrative is eerily similar: Britain, the puppet master, controlling events worldwide, stirring up chaos to maintain its own influence.

The ‘Benevolent’ Crown

The embodiment of Global Britain lies within the hereditary structures of power centered around the Crown, an ancient entity responsible for the propagation of international deep state powers. With the Five Eyes heading intelligence and The City controlling finance, the Crown is the titular font from which all branches draw power.

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A system of Crown Agents, established in 1833, manages this entity, a pseudo-private entity that exists in a semi-official status and is incredibly active in Central and Eastern Europe. This shadowy agency is intertwined with world powers, such as the World Bank, the UN, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, amplifying the reach and influence of Global Britain.

The British Empire has not simply vanished into the annals of history. With today’s British Commonwealth occupying 12.2 million square miles, holding 2.4 billion people, and representing 21% of the world’s land area, the empire is very much alive and kicking. This is a clear contrast to the myth that the British Empire dissipated after WWII. The Global Britain agenda is merely a transparent attempt to formalize the age-old reality.

The orchestrators of this scheme are desperate to center the Commonwealth in a new post-reset age. The continuity of this systemic transformation hinges on a ruling family—specifically, the newly anointed King Charles.

The code words “London Bridge is Down” announced the end of an era and the commencement of a new one. Broadcast by Queen Elizabeth II’s Private Secretary Edward Young, these words triggered a series of actions leading to the anointing of Prince Charles.

An archaic law demands that every elected official in Canada declare their allegiance, not to the people they represent, but to an inherited bloodline thousands of miles away. Similar oaths are read across all Commonwealth Five Eyes member states.

However, this institution isn’t just ceremonial fluff—it’s a powerful mechanism with substantial influence.

The Crown’s Massive Property Empire

Unbeknownst to many, the British Crown is the world’s largest property owner. The Crown’s possessions span across Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Canada, Great Britain, and the Falkland Islands, amounting to a staggering 6.6 billion acres.

The Crown Estate, which funnels 25% of its profits into the Monarch’s coffers annually, is one of the world’s largest property groups. Any business wishing to partake in offshore commercial activity, such as the burgeoning green energy sector, must rent their sea beds from the Crown Estate.

As the UK’s Green Agenda gains momentum, the Crown stands to become the biggest beneficiary of the green revolution.

Prince Charles, now at the helm of this colossal property empire, doesn’t see the Crown as merely symbolic. In 2013, he was accused of “incontinent lobbying” when personal letters to MPs and the Prime Minister were made public. His biographer, Jonathan Dimbleby, even hinted that Charles’ succession to the Crown would trigger a “quiet constitutional revolution“.

The Crown’s prerogative powers, while often portrayed as symbolic, encompass almost every aspect of governance. These powers, ranging from domestic affairs to foreign affairs, give the Crown absolute control over the Commonwealth.

Though a 2009 bill proposed to limit these powers, a Privy Council-led Justice Ministry review concluded such restrictions would ‘dangerously weaken‘ the state’s ability to respond to a crisis, and the bill was promptly scrapped.

In an era of transformation and upheaval, King Charles and his Global Britain agenda sit at the precipice of the Great Reset, a dramatic shift that will forever reshape our world. The monarch’s control over global finance, intelligence, and resources positions him at the vanguard of this shift.

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However, we must ask ourselves: Is this what we want?

A world controlled by an ancient, inherited institution that seems to care more about profit and power than the people it rules over?

In conclusion, the conspiracy is no longer theoretical; it’s real, pervasive, and happening right now. We are witnesses to a dramatic reshuffling of global powers, with Global Britain leading the charge.

As the world veers towards the precipice of the Great Reset, it’s time we took a closer look at the master puppeteer pulling the strings—King Charles III and the indomitable force of Global Britain.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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